Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Delivery Story with Baby #2

My delivery story is COMPLETELY different this time than with Baby #1.

I was scheduled to be induced on July 24th at 4:00 am. But Gracie June has other plans. On Monday morning around 1:00, I woke up and had a gush of fluid run down my legs and I thought that I had just peed on myself because it wasn't a ton of fluid (like u see in the movies)... So I told Chance and since I wasn't positive, I just went back to sleep. I noticed a little cramping but nothing major. Then at around 3:30 I got up to go to the bathroom again and felt another gush of fluid... This time I just knew I wasn't peeing on myself. So I called the dr. and she told me to go ahead and come in. At this point I was starting to have real contractions that were pretty painful. We called my mother-in-law to come watch Caycen while we went to the hospital. 

We arrived to the hospital around 5:90 am and the contractions were getting more painful and close together. After doing some tests and confirming that my water was broken, and that I was between 3-4 cm dilated, we got a room. 

At about 7:30 I got to get the epidural and was feeling much better. The time from 7:30 to about 9:00, I just relaxed. My dr. came back in to check on me around 9:00 and said that I was fully dilated and ready to push... 19 minutes later (after only pushing about 5 times) Gracie June Darley was born.

I only had a stage 1 tear (last time was a 4 which was horrible). Honestly, compared to my first delivery, this felt like a piece of cake!!!! 

Of course, the first thing I heard that morning, rolling down to my delivery room, was that Kate Middleton was also in after Gracie was born, the advertising manager of the hospital came and asked if we would do an interview with WTOC about our baby being born the same day as the royal family. At around 3:30 they came to interview me and take some pictures of Gracie June.  It was pretty cool because we had our little princess on the news that night. 
I enjoyed the rest of the day just loving on our new bundle of joy! Caycen got to meet Gracie June that evening as well and he just wanted to kiss her over and over again! It was SO sweet!!!

Of course Gracie's grandparents and Aunt Sissy came to visit too.

Then I took my own advice and took a shower the first chance that I got!

Gracie June got a bath too :) I don't think she liked hers at much as her Mommy...

We got to go home the next day because we were doing so great.

Overall, this was a great delivery!

We are so happy and we praise God for all of the wonderful blessings in our lives! Thank you to all of our friends and family for your prayers, help, love, and support!


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