Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Ok, so I decided that I would post for What I'm Loving Wednesday this week! :)  It's been a while... working and playing with my baby when I'm not working has kept me VERY busy!!!

1.  I'm LOVING that I have decided not to teach next year and that I will be staying at home with Caycen.  Unless something crazy happens, that is the plan.  I'm super excited!!! I know that teaching is what I was called to do and I love it so much... but I LOVE staying with my baby much much more than that!!!! I want to be the one that raises my kids and is there with them to see everything.  I feel like I have missed so much already being back at work.  Say a little prayer that everything goes great this year and we are able to keep this plan.

2.  I'm LOVING that Chance and I have read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and we are budgeting and doing all that we can to follow the plan from the book.  The whole purpose of the book is to get your debts paid off, your emergency savings built up, and then to invest your money.  I know that the plan makes so much sense! If you haven't read it, I HIGHLY recommend it! I know several people who have done the "Total Money Makeover" and can't say a bad thing about it.  As Dave Ramsey says "live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later".  So friends... sorry if we can't go out to eat for a while... we are making over our money!!! :)

3.  I'm LOVING that this weekend will be Baby C's first trip to the Ridge :)  That's Chance's dad's hunting club.  Chance is going hunting and we've decided to join them at the Ridge for Friday night and Saturday morning.  Can't wait!!! Baby C has his camo ready :)

4.  I'm LOVING that Desperate Housewives starts up again soon!!!! BUT sad it's the last season...

5.  I'm LOVING my sweet little Baby C and all the little faces and noises he's making!!!

6.  I'm LOVING my hubby as always :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letter to 3 Month Old Baby C


Dear Baby C,
I can't believe how FAST time has flown by and how BIG you are getting!!!! It seems like just yesterday when I brought you home from the hospital... but it seems like forever since I've been back to work and not able to stay at home with you every single day.  I really miss that time that we got to have together.  I am definitely cherishing every single moment that we get to spend together now.  I love watching your sweet little face when you sleep, when you get that HUGE grin, and even when you do your poor pouty face where you poke that itty lip out. 

We just love playing around with you at bath time!!!

You are sleeping so great now!!! At the beginning of this month you were still taking your dreamfeed at 10:00, but now we've taken that one out and you've started eating 6 times a day.  You are sleeping completely through the night until about 6:00 in the morning.  We used to put you down at 8:00, but now we are putting you down at 9:00 because you're eating less times during the day.  The last few nights we have been trying to get you to sleep without being swaddled.  You have done better and better every night.  You do wake up a lot more when you're not swaddled, but you are getting used to it pretty fast.
tuckered out!

Most mornings I get up and feed you, unless Daddy doesn't have to be at work early.  I love it because you don't usually wake up crying.  Most of the time you wake up and play in your crib and laugh at your mobile until I come in with a bottle.  I love watching your sweet little face while you eat.  That is when you are the most content.  Boy you LOVE to eat!!!!

You are growing so so fast!!! Ms. Stephanie put you in the bouncer the other day for the first time and you LOVED it! You bounced around like crazy.  That's another thing, you really like to move! You always kick in the tub, kick while you're sitting in our laps, and even when you're in your high chair. 

Labor Day Family Pictures

The other day you had your first play date where you were actually awake and aware of what was going on around you.  You went to see baby Noah.  You laughed, smiled, and stared at him all night.  We put you guys down on the floor facing each other and you were even trying to get to him.  You were kicking your little legs SO hard, I really thought you might end up scooting yourself across the floor!

You are also LOVING your Bumbo seat that we got you last weekend.  You sit up in just like a big boy... which you are becomming WAY. TOO. FAST!!!!

You are still LOVING... naps with Mommy, hanging out in the recliner with Daddy, tummy time, your wubanub, baths, sleeping in the car (though you don't sleep as much now), playing while we change your diaper, Baby t.v., eating, listening and watching Daddy play the guitar, playing with Mommy and Daddy, and your froggy that hangs on your car seat!

Well, Caycen, you have truly been a blessing in our lives and we love you more and more every day! I couldn't imagine life without you.  I thank God for sending me my sweet little angel. 

We love you so so much!!!!


Some unedited pictures I loved!!! You can really see what the room looks like when I take my pics...
now I had to take them on a different wall this time though...

Baby C taking a bath and Daddy is already picking at you!!!
(Sorry about the quality of the video and the inexperience of the camera man AKA Daddy!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Open For Business

Visit my new little business blog: Darley's Creative Corner

I have tons of personalized items on here for you!!! Stay tuned for a giveaway soon! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Sissy!!!

Happy birthday to Brooke Darley, the best sister-in-law ever!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many many more!!!