Friday, November 7, 2014

October 2014

October was a very busy and fun month for the Darley family!

We celebrated Nona's birthday and had a little fun with some mustaches.

We spent the weekend of October 10th in Warner Robins. That Saturday morning we went to see Skyler play football, which he got sick so he didn't end up playing. Then we went to watch Capri cheer at her football game. Caycen and GJ had a blast with their cousins!

That night, Chance and I, went to my 10 year high school reunion. It was a lot of fun. It was great seeing old friends and seeing how much everyone has changed (or hasn't! haha).

Before we headed home, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's so they could see the kids. GJ was loving her some Grandpa and Caycen just couldn't get enough of playing with his Grandma.

The next weekend, October 19th, we had Gracie June dedicated at church. We took her on stage, at Savannah Christian Church, and told the congregation that we plan to raise our daughter in the church and teach her all about Jesus. Hopefully one day she will come to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I forgot to take pictures at church, so I took a few of her on our front porch after we got home:

We had a little shower for two of my sweet friends in my small group. Sarah's baby is due in just a few weeks and Melissa's baby is due in December. We are so excited for the new babies to get here!

Caycen and Gracie June are starting to love playing together. Caycen wants his little sister to go wherever he goes! So sweet!

Caycen and Ella Kate got to go to Disney on Ice again this year! We did bring the hubbies along this time. Everyone LOVED it! They added The Lion King this year, which was Caycen's absolute favorite. My favorite was Aladdin. It's always so neat to see what they put together for the show.



I got to go to Caycen's fall festival at school this year for all of the games and everything. He hung out with Mason the entire time and they had a blast. I love seeing my baby at school.

GJ is wanting to get into everything and even try to do the things her big brother is doing.

We love Halloween pajamas!!! Thanks to Nona for picking out some cute ones!

We went to the Savannah Christian Pumpkin Patch. Caycen had a blast going around to all of the trunks and collecting candy. We even let Gracie June pick up a few dumb dumbs.

Caycen had his soccer pictures taken and ended his first soccer season. It was a lot of fun!

Then to end the month, we went trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Lee and Melissa brought Brylee over in her cute little ballerina costume.  Our family decided to do a "Monsters Inc" theme, per Caycen's request. Last month, I asked Caycen what he wanted to be for Halloween and he immediately says "Wasowski", like he'd been thinking about it for months. I was like "ok that sounds good". Then he asks "but who's gonna be Sullivan". So it turned into Daddy being Sullivan, Gracie June dressing as Boo, and I dressed as Celia. I bought Caycen's costume for like $30 at Party City (his first store bought Halloween costume), but couldn't find a costume for GJ or Chance for less than $100, and couldn't find a Celia costume period. So the rest of our costumes we made. We probably spent a total of about $25 for the rest of our costumes together! $15 of that was a purple puffy jacket from Walmart for GJs costume. Pretty cheap for 4 costumes!!!

We had fun trick-or-treating. We went down our street and back and called it quits. The kids did soooo good too! GJ even carried her little bag up to the people handing out candy. After we were done, we went back to the house, the kids played, and we ate some barbecue. It was a great night!!!

October was such a fun month for us!