Thursday, November 6, 2014

Words to Remember

A few days ago, Caycen and Gracie June were playing. Gracie June starts saying "bu bu, bu bu" and Caycen goes "I'm right here Gracie June, your bubu is right here". I started laughing and said "who's bubu Caycen?" and he says "me, Caycen, I'm Gracie June's bubu".

We were sitting at the dinner table and I had just given Caycen some ketchup to go with his fries. He said he was done eating and I said "no, you need to eat your nuggets and fries. You've barely eaten anything". Chance says "you wanted that ketchup and you made us put it on your plate… you made us Caycen".  Caycen goes "no I didn't, God did."
hahaha!!! great comeback!!!! Caycen's been learning how "God made everything" and he was definitely confused when Chance said "you made us".

Gracie June is starting to hand us everything and it sounds like she's trying to say "thank you"… you wouldn't be able to understand her, but we say it all the time and she's definitely trying to mock us. It's so cute!

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