Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Fun, but MORE to Come!

I hate that I have absolutely NO time to get on here anymore and post during the week and hardly at all on the weekends either!!!

Last weekend we went to Cabin Ridge (the hunting club) for opening gun season.  Chance and his dad, Papa Ray, went hunting on Saturday morning.  Chance's deer, Unicorn, walked in the field at about 7:15 and didn't have a "chance".  Chance had the first kill of gun season!  Here are some pictures of Chance and his buck:

Caycen was all ready in his camo too!

We also went and visited my parents for the weekend.  We stayed with my dad, Pop, on Saturday night, then went to see my mom on Sunday.

The Grandkids with Grandpa

Caycen and Grandpa

This weekend is the weekend for Halloween festivities! We decided that we needed a reason to dress Caycen up in his lion costume that I made him so we took him to Trunk-or-Treat at Marshpoint, the school I used to work at.  Chance mom, Nona, and his siter, Aunt Brook, met us there to see Caycen in his costume.  Here are some pictures from Trunk-or-Treat:

On Monday we plan on giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and I guess we will if we have any tonight too.  I have more pictures to take though of Caycen in his halloween costume :)

What a fun month :)
Have a wonderful weekend and Halloween!!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caycen's 4 month stats

Caycen had his four month check-up this past Wednesday, October 19rh. Here are his stats:

Weight- 16 lbs 11 oz, 71st percentile
Height- 26 1/4 in., 86th percentile
Head circumfrence- 41 cm, 26th percentile (the doctor says if we were to smooth his head and make it round it would be a little bigger all the way around)

Apparently those two things we thought were vampire teeth coming in are actually little cysts on his gums...

Then the little red dots on his arm we thought was a little hickey from where he'd been sucking on his arm actually turned out to be hemangioma rumors, which are benign. He says they will go away though when he gets older.

The doctor says he's a happy healthy little boy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letter to 4 Month Old Baby C


Dear Baby C,
My goodness you have gotten SO big!!!! It's hard to imagine now how tiny you were when you first came into this world.  I love you more and more every day!  I just can't even put into words the way that you make me feel. There is absolutely nothing in this world like being your mommy.  I feel like I have the BEST baby in the entire world!!!

This past month you have begun to do lots of new things:
You started sleeping through the night without being swaddled...
You started grabbing for toys and putting them in your mouth...
You started sitting in the bouncy and you LOVE it...
You've rolled over a few times from your back to your tummy...
You "talk" a lot more now...
You laugh a lot more too...
You had your first trip to the beach...
You have started grabbing your bottle and shoving it in your mouth and you even try to hold it while you eat (sometimes I do let you hold it yourself, but a lot of the time you hold it too low and can't get any milk out)
You are eating 5 oz of milk now, sometimes 5 1/2!!! (You're a BIG boy!!!)
Just yesterday, you started grabbing your feet!

trying to grab your feet
Things I'm loving right now...
I LOVE how you take your itty hands and wrap them around my fingers or try to touch my face with them...
I LOVE your sweet baby smell...
I LOVE giving you baths...
I LOVE listening to your precious little laugh...
I LOVE watching you play in your bouncer...
I LOVE how you stick your fist all the way in your mouth and you think it's so funny...
I LOVE all of your little expressions...
I LOVE watching you play with your daddy...
I LOVE how you LOVE me sooo much...
I LOVE how you try so hard to move yourself across the floor when you're on your tummy...
I LOVE everything about you!!!!

You love some football!!! haha!

How did you get that??

Thank you Baby C for being such a great baby and making Daddy and I feel so loved every day.  We are having so much fun watching you grow and grow! But, you're just growing waaay too fast! I just have to remember to enjoy every single minute of being your mommy and holding you while I can.

I love you with all of my heart Baby C!!!!!


Fun pictures from this past month:

Dad says you're ready to hung... but I still say you will wait a WHILE :)

Aunt Christy playing with you cause you're chubby!

She really does love you, I promise!!

And so does Capri

Friday, October 7, 2011

Caycen's First Beach Trip

We were so excited when my mom called to tell us that her, my sister, my nephew, and nieces were coming to stay with us for the weekend to go to the beach! It was going to be Baby C's very first trip!!!  I got him all ready with his little hat (the only one I could find) and beach outfit. The hat was too big, so I sewed it to make it fit his head a little better.  We all piled in two cars and made it down to North Beach on Tybee, that Saturday, around 3:00 pm.  We unloaded the cars and set up on the beach.  It was also Hailey's (my niece who is just a little over 13 months) first trip to the beach.

We got out there and it was PERFECT weather!!!! We set up a tent so that I could sit under it with Caycen.  We tried putting Hailey in the sand but she was not having it.  Caycen didn't seem to mind it out there until it got a little later and the wind started blowing harder.

Skyler (my nephew who is 5) and Capri (my niece who is 3) absolutely LOVED it! They had such a great time! They started out getting Chance AKA Uncle Chance, to help them build things in the sand.  They also had fun burrying each other in the sand.  Chance even maid Capri into a murmaid. :) 

After a while it was time to eat, so we headed to the Crab Shack.  Skyler and Capri couldn't get enough of the alligators!


After eating we headed back to my house exhausted!!!

The next morning our house was filled with giggles and picking at each other.  Those kids absolutely LOVE their Uncle Chance!!!!  They would not leave him alone!

Skyler trying to pull Uncle Chance's pants down! haha!

They also loved their baby cousin, Caycen (he's not going to be spoiled by everyone is he??)

Grandma with ALL her grandkids :)

After playing around for a while, the kids were ready to go to the beach again.  I didn't really think Caycen needed to go two days in a row, so we dropped him off at his Nona's house.  This time at the beach, Hailey actually wanted to play and dig in the sand.  The kids played and played until they were worn out!

It was such a fun weekend!!! I can't wait til next year when Baby C is able to enjoy the beach a little more.  He is going to be a BEACH BUM!!!! :)
love my man! :)

And TGIF!!!!!!!