Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ready to RACK!

We are ready to start RACKing this Christmas season! In case your family is interested in RACKing too, I've uploaded our calendar for some ideas and even some fun pages you can use to help you throughout the month as you RACK. I hope you find this helpful! GOD BLESS!!!

Printables to use (you can also click HERE to get the PDF version for easy printing)

Friday, November 3, 2017

September 2017

September in Pictures:

Spirit Day (picture sent to me by Mrs. Bocook)

First ride on the new golf cart!

My sweetness!

Getting ready to evacuate for Hurrican Irma and Cooper does NOT want to be left behind! haha!

Irmacation at Pop and Cheryl's

Gracie June and Emma have become such great friends!!! Emma lives across the street and they are the same age.

Aftermath of Irma on Belfast Keller on the way to our neighborhood :(

All the kiddos on the culdesac playing and eating together.

Enjoying the weather and a stroll around the neighborhood.

Bowling in Pooler (these kids are crazy)

Gracie June and Caycen started soccer. Gracie June made it through the first few games (she was pretty good when she went after the ball) and then decided she didn't really want to do soccer anymore. She even scored a goal during the 2nd game.

So we will just stick with gymnastics for now. Maybe next year.

Our DIY Dining room sign! I love how it turned out!!!

Dress up center

yoga before naptime at school

Computer lab

We got a visit from Ray Ray

GJ and all her princesses

Gracie June got to bring home Knuffle Bunny from her class. She LOVED having him for the weekend!

First lunch date with my kiddos for the year!

Gracie June and Caycen's first soccer games

Spirit night for the cheerleaders at the football game.

When I try to workout while Gracie June is around.

 More soccer

Caycen's first time buying icecream at school

Transportation weekend

Another fun month for the Darley's!