Thursday, November 19, 2015

Words to Remember

My heart is SO FULL right now!!! Today when Chance was picking Caycen and Gracie June up from school, Caycen's teacher made the comment that "Caycen's been on a role with his behavior lately", meaning he's been doing so great in class listening and following directions.

Right before Chance walked out, Caycen's teacher stopped Chance and said "Oh, I forgot I wanted to tell you something that happened the other day… Some of Caycen's friends were getting in trouble the other day, and Caycen told them that they were sinning and that Jesus doesn't like it when we sin. And that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and for the sin you're doing right now".

WOW!!!!! This mommy is so.stinkin.proud of my little man!!!! We have actually been telling Caycen this a lot lately when we hear him say a word that we consider "bad" or "mean" or when he does something that's not very nice. Who would've thought that this 4 year old little boy was actually taking in every word that we say.

I PRAY that he will continue to learn more about Jesus and our AMAZING God and that he will one day accept Him into his heart.


Monday, November 16, 2015

October 2015 Part 2

Man, our October was jammed packed with fun!!!! Here is the 2nd half of the month in pictures:

These two cuties have my heart!!!

 Sunny days and lots of play!

Pumpkins are always fun to sit on at Jalapenos!

 A weekend getaway to SeaWorld.

We're all so excited right!?!?! Was a tense ride down, since I forgot my whole purse which included our SeaWorld passes! I didn't realize it until we had already been driving for 45 minutes. Luckily the people at SeaWorld were SUPER nice and printed us temporary passes.

First ride to see the penguins.

 Girl wanted to run in the water!!! We let her go in her pull-up until it about busted it was so full of water! She LOVED the splash area!

But they loved Dippin dots even more!

And a squirrel decided to check out what was in our bookbag... I guess he was hungry too.

The kids passed out on the way to the Elmo show, which was THE ONLY ONE that I really wanted them to see!!! I guess 1:45 is way too late a showtime for these kiddos! So when plans changed, Chance and I hit up the Manta Ray ride while Nona watched the babies. A nice long day at SeaWorld, deserves a refreshing drink!

 Ready for downtown Disney "Disney Springs".

The kids LOVED the performers and wanted to perform themselves!

A good breakfast before heading home... GJ is good at stacking stuff!

We started using a Responsibility Chart with Caycen (I saw a friend post about theirs on facebook and decided to give it a try). We started with 7 responsibilities. Caycen earned 10 cents for each responsibility and then he earned 25 cents for Respect (this was a big one for us). He planned to buy a new floor puzzle because he's gotten really good at the Fire Truck floor puzzle that he already has. It took about 7 weeks, but he finally earned enough money to buy this floor puzzle that he had his eye on! We are so proud of him!!!!

For GJ's class halloween party, Chance spray painted party hats, we hot glued them on black plates, and let the kids decorate them with stickers to make their own witch hats. It was so cute!

Caycen's Fall Party at school:

Caycen's had his first ever field trip, to Madrac Farms. He was so excited that his Nona went on the field trip with him.

Gracie June's class party was a blast! I was so happy that I got to go!

GJ is so funny, especially when I have her all to myself. We had some one-on-one time, while Caycen spent the night with Nona.

Halloween trick-or-treating was so much fun this year! We went to our friend Amanda's house. The kids got to do a little hay ride around the neighborhood. We would stop, the kids would get off, then they would sprint to about 3 or 4 different houses, then get on again and go to some more houses. They had a blast!

This month was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!