Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So, I haven't blogged in a while... I don't really know what my excuse is... I haven't done much or been too busy.  But anyway, I thought I would update everyone on the pregnancy.

I am 37 weeks as of yesterday! WOOHOO!!! I made it to full-term!  Since I have been on bed rest I have read a lot, watched some t.v., played Golden Eye (haha Chance is so proud of me), checked a lot of blogs, done a lot of laundry, and taken TONS of naps! I finished two books "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin.  The two books go together and they are great! I definitely like "Something Blue" a LOT better though!!  I can't wait to go see the movie with my besties!  I am now reading the third book by Emily Giffin "Baby Proof".  So far it's looking pretty good too.

Now to the pregnancy... While I was on strict bed rest, weeks 33-36, I couldn't get up except to use the bathroom or take a shower... man that stunk!!!  I didn't have anything really going on at all during those weeks.  At week 36 they took me off of the Procardia, the medicine that was keeping me from contracting.  About 2 days after getting off the medicine (Wednesday), I started feeling sharp pains, almost like a knife going through me, down in my wahoo (sorry I couldn't come up with a better word).  The doctor checked me and said that the baby is VERY low and is probably hitting my cervix which is causing the pains. Then the next day (Thursday), I started feeling the sharp pains along with cramping in my lower abdomen.  The pain and cramping only lasted about 10 seconds and wasn't very consistent, so I knew I shouldn't call the doctor.  I tried timing them and they would be 8 minutes, then 10, then 8, then 20, then an hour... I was confused, but decided to wait it out and just see if they got any more normal.  I waited out for two days.  Then on Saturday morning I started getting a constant cramping, headache, and felt very nauseous... so I called the doctor on call and he told me that was "normal"... ugh!  I was so confused though, because when I went into preterm labor I had the cramping, I went in, and they told me I was having contractions and dilated a cm!!! How can this be normal?? But whatever, I guess I will have to deal with it. I have been "dealing" with it since... My mom also called a close friend of the family who is a midwife and she says that I'm just having really strong Braxton Hicks contractions, but I heard that those don't hurt... I guess everyone is different.  Well today I have my doctor's appointment and I am anxious to hear what she has to say.

I feel like I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, except for the preterm labor and all, but this last week has been horrible! I having been sleeping well at all, I get up every hour to use the bathroom, my feet and hands keep swelling, I had proteinuria (good think my blood pressure was normal because then it could have been preeclampsia), I have had the shooting pains and cramping for almost a week, and I am READY for him to come out!!!  No doubt, this is the worst part of pregnancy for me! 

Ok something positive... I have the greatest family and friends EVER!!!!! My mom drove down on Saturday "just in case" I was going into labor, my in-laws have been feeding us almost every night this past weekend, my friends have constantly been checking on me, some of my co-workers brought us dinner one night, and even my family has been calling and emailing me to say they were thinking of me!  It's so nice to know that I have sooo many supporters! 

Now for those of you who have had babies, I need your feedback... what are your labor stories?? Were there signs before you started going into labor? How many weeks were you when you went into labor? How long were you in labor? Did your water break?  Did you have to been induced, was it natural, or a c-section?  How much did the baby weigh and how long was he/she? Did you do anything trying to make yourself go into labor and did anything work?

I can't wait to hear every one's stories!!!! You can either leave a comment here, leave a link to your blog with your story, or even leave me a comment or message on facebook!! I'm sure everyone else would love to hear your stories too! :)

Well, my appointment is at 4:00 today, so I have a long day of waiting to see what the doctor says... Will you please do me a favor and PRAY that this little man comes soon??? Thanks everyone!

love ~Aimes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving

1.  I'm loving that the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered this week!!!! Teresa is HILARIOUS!!!

2.  I'm loving that Caycen is now 5 lbs 12 oz. in my tummy!!!

tummy at 35 weeks

3.  I'm loving that I'm halfway through the book "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin and I will probably finish the book by the end of the week!

4.  I'm loving my hubby as always! He had a lot of fun packing our bags this past week and getting his diaper bag all ready! haha! He is going to be a great daddy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving

I'm loving lots of things and here are just a few:

1.  I'm loving that I'm 34 weeks & 2 days and Caycen is still in my tummy!  The doctor told us yesterday that we are in the clear now! If my water happens to break any time soon then Caycen will be ok.  His lungs should be strong due to the steroid shot so that's great! He is probably weighing close to 5 lbs by now too.  I can't wait to meet him!!!

2.  I'm loving that I got to see my wonerful mother this past weekend!  I feel so blessed to have a mother as great as she is!  It's funny because her anniversary was on Saturday, Mother's Day was Sunday, and then Monday was her birthday!  Because I've been on bed rest I wasn't able to get her much, but she completely understood.  I felt really bad though because she deserves to be SPOILED!!!  (Don't worry, I'm planning on spoiling her with things as soon as I can!)

3.  I'm loving that even though I'm on bed rest, my great friends found a way to still give me a shower on Saturday.  They brought the shower to my house since I wasn't able to go to the clubhouse that it was originally supposed to be at.  We got some GREAT stuff for our little boy.  So many people came to the shower and it was just PERFECT!!!!  My friends did a low country boil (which was DELICIOUS!!!), they decorated the whole downstairs, and even had tables set up outside for everyone to sit at.  It couldn't have been any better! LOVE YOU GIRLS (Melissa, Martha, and Amy K. - and of course their wonderful hubby's who helped with cooking and planning as well - Lee, Ben, and Kyle).  Chance and I are so thankful for you guys!
my cute diaper cake

cupcakes and cake pops YUMMY!

all the guys

all the gals! (Yes, I got up only to take a quick picture! promise!)

4.  I'm loving my sweet doggies! They are so funny! Since I'm on bed rest I get to spend all day with them.  I would love to put a camera out to see what they do when I'm not here.  I've noticed that almost every morning they have about a 15 minute spurt of energy where they chase each other around and just go crazy! Then they are tuckered out and ready to lay with me on the couch.  When daddy gets home they are ready for a walk and some more play time.  I know they will be jealous when Caycen gets here, but they will love him I'm sure. 
Sugar - 6 years old

Cooper - 2 years old

5.  I'm loving my hubs as always! He's been so great since I've been on bed rest! I just can't believe how much he has done for me.  God blessed me so much with this man!
at our shower

Friday, May 6, 2011

Letter to Caycen

Dear Caycen,

I can’t believe you’ve been in my tummy for over 8 months already! I want you to know how excited your daddy and I are to be having you.  You are such a blessing to us. 

You gave us a little scare by trying to come a little early this past week.  We want you to stay in my tummy for a few more weeks so you can be nice and healthy and come home to stay with us as soon as possible!

I remember the day that we found out that we were having you.  It was such a surprise! We knew from that moment on that our lives would be forever changed!  We have spent so much time planning for your arrival and just can’t wait to meet you.  We loved you the moment we saw you on that t.v. screen and heard your little heart beating so fast.  When you were in my tummy for 17 weeks, we found out that you were a little boy.  We were so excited just thinking of all of the things that we will do together when you come. We have seen pictures of you on the screen from inside mommy's tummy but we can't tell what you look like too much.  Your Nona says you have my nose though! Don't worry, it will grow on ya! :)

Since you’ve been in my tummy, you haven’t stopped moving! I first felt you kick when you were in there for about 16 weeks.  Now you kick and move around like crazy.  I bet you are going to be one active little boy!  Daddy loves to feel and watch you move too. 

Speaking of your daddy, you are going to LOVE him!!! He is going to be the best daddy in the whole world! He is going to teach you so much... how to play sports, how to ride a bike, how to treat the ladies, what good music sounds like, probably even teach you to play the guitar, and most importantly he will teach you about our Lord and Savior who made you and loves you so much! I hope that you are just like your daddy when you grow up.

Now we are just waiting for you to come, but we are hoping you can grow for a few more weeks… I can't wait to kiss you and hold you! I know you will be the sweetest little boy in the universe.  I love you baby Caycen! Daddy and I are praying for a healthy delivery when you are ready to come.

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well, the last few days have been a little tough.  It started on Sunday when I began to feel a little cramping... pretty much like period cramps, but it wasn't at all painful so I didn't think much about it.  Then Monday it got a little bit worse, but still not very painful.  I went to one of my co-workers (who has become such a great friend to me this year), since she has had two babies, and asked her if it was normal to feel like that.  She told me I should probably call the doctor just in case... so I did and they told me to come in immediately.  I had to leave school right away to make it to the doctor. 

When I got to the doctor they hooked me up to a machine to determine whether I was having contractions or not.  They told me that yes, I was having contractions and then had to check my cervix.  They said my cervix was only 12 mm long and should be about 26 mm at this point, so it was about half as long as it should be.  They perscribed some meds to make the contractions stop and to hopefully keep me from going into labor.  They also scheduled an appointment for me to come in the next day to get a steriod shot to help Caycen's lungs develop faster just in case he decides to come early.

Tuesday I went in around 2:00 and they hooked me up to the stress monitor again to see if I was still having any contractions.  The test showed that I wasn't, but I told my doctor that I was still feeling very crampy.  They checked everything and said I was looking good, then she had to check my cervix again... well I was 1 cm dilated! She immediately admitted me to the hospital so that they could hook me up to some fluids, antibiotics, and keep me under observation.  They did all this to keep me from continuing labor.  They even gave me a test that was positive for preterm labor.  While I was in the hospital they gave me my first shot of hte steriod for Caycen's lungs.  They also did a sonogram to measure our little Caycen.  He was about 4 lbs 9 oz, which is pretty good for 33 weeks! I was a little relieved to hear that!

We had to stay in the hospital all night and all day today... then around 5:00 today they gave me my 2nd shot of the steriod and checked me one more time to make sure that I hadn't dilated anymore.  I was still only 1 cm, so my Dr. released me to go home.  She told me that I will be on strict bed rest and will not be able to get up to do anything but use the bathroom and take a shower.  What fun... NOT! But I will do anything to keep Caycen in for as long as I can!!!

The dr. told us that she hopes we can make it a few more weeks before he comes... ME TOO!!! I am so ready to see my little man, but I would rather him come when he will be nice and healthy and not have to be hooked up to any machines.  I want to be able to take him home with us so we can love on him!

Thank you for all of your prayers and please continue to pray that he will at least stay in my tummy for a few more weeks.  It was so wonderful to have so many people telling us how they were thinking about us and praying for us!  God has blessed us with such wonderful friends and family!!!! We love y'all!!!!