Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 2015

We started out our March with Dr. Seuss day at Caycen's school... here are his Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes:

Poor GJ got sick and we had to try to get a urine sample from home, so I had to put some of C's smaller underwear on her. Isn't that the cutest toosh you've ever seen??

All smiles cause she's feeling better!

We went to Pop and Cheryl's for the weekend to meet their new cousin, Cheyenne.

Silly kids like to make funny faces!

We spent our GORGEOUS St. Patrick's day on the beach... love that we will be able to do this a TON this year!

St. Patrick's Day clothes for school :)

This girl is cray-cray!

A visit to Lovin' Spoons for my sweet kiddos:

My buddy trying to be sweet and take a picture with his cute little sister.

She's a little explorer.

IV had a superhero birthday party and my kids LOVED it! GJ started out with a nap, but then perked up real quick to play!

Caycen had his transportation parade at school and he LOVED flying his ORANGE airplane :)

Day of the parade:

Gracie June's class watched the parade too!

Two of Caycen's best friends... Mason (the house from "Up") and Ella Kate (hot air balloon)

Sweet Ella Kate turned 4 this month!!! Time please slow down!!! Our babies are growing way too fast! Ella Kate's Princess party was so much fun.

GJ is obsessed with shoes... so of course she would take the wii remote pads and use them as slippers ahhahahaha!!!!!!

After church, Caycen ran up to Chance wearing this crown, yelling "Daddy, daddy, Jesus is King and I'm a king too". Love him! We went to lunch and they were the sweetest little lunch dates :)

Another fun month for the Darleys. GOD IS GOOD!