Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 2016

February 2016 is in the books. This year is already flying by!!! Here is our month:

My little sweet thing is enjoying dance every week!

Nona sent me this picture and I thought it was too cool not to put on here! This shows their relationship PERFECTLY!!! GJ is the little angel that never gets caught torturing her older brother! haha!

GJ has learned to wink at us.

Dressing up as a princess is a daily activity for us. We have such a hard time deciding which one we want to be for the day...

 This month, we decided to let Caycen save up his money (from his responsibility chart) and take him to the dollar tree to spend it. He got to put his money in his wallet and even pay the cashier on his own!!! He had $3 to spend and he loved getting to pick out any 3 items that he wanted.

We even let GJ pick out a few items because she's been such a good girl {like she would EVER be bad?} and she picked out a little doll and and cell phone. Such a little mama.

GJ approves of Mama's eggs.

All bundled up and ready to play!

Chance and I went to Valdosta {our first out of city trip without both kids} for the Valdosta State Hall of Fame induction for the 2007 National Championship team. It was so much fun!

Just for fun... My drawing of Chance VS Chance's drawing of Chance {funny how we view ourselves right!?!?!}


Little DIVA!

Little HUSTLER!!!

Look at that golf swing!!! We have ourselves a little athlete for sure!

GJ wants to learn golf too..

We went to the Fun Zone to ride go carts, play putt-putt and play arcade games! So much fun!!!

and then GJ FLIPPED OUT so I took her little hiney back to the car and she was in a much better mood! Poor thing just couldn't hang with the big kids and do whatever she wanted.

Caycen wrote his first "I'm sorry" note to his teacher. The sad thing is that it wasn't much of a punishment because he LOVES to write now. haha!

Gracie June had her FIRST DATE!!!! It was with her Daddy for the Father/Daughter dance at church.

she HAD to have her purse! little priss pot!

We went to Alivia's 2nd birthday party at Rainbow and had fun at the jumpy houses, the trampolines, and the playground.

 Our church is finishing the new building and one weekend after every service, everyone was given a few verses to write on the floors and walls. The plan was to write the entire new testament all over the floors and walls of the building. SO COOL!!!

We had a nice Saturday FAMILY day! Chillin' in the sun and washing the cars.

February was another fun month for us! God is great!!!