Sunday, September 27, 2015

August 2015

The kids started at a new daycare/PreK this year. They had fun on their first day.

 Caycen's first day of PreK was bitter sweet. I still was unable to drive and it was my first day of the school year with students as well. Thankfully, I have a mother-in-law, who was able to take my sweet little boy on his first day of PreK. She even snapped a few pictures for me.

GJ is starting to love more on aggravate Cooper lately. Haha! He really doesn't mind too much.

The kids were great the first few weeks of school, so we took them to the toy store to pick out a toy each. Caycen still had a gift card from his birthday to spend anyways. :) They had SO much fun running through the store and looking at everything. This was the ToysRus at the new outlet mall, which is WAY smaller than a regular ToysRus. I loved it! The kids could run around and not get lost.

Caycen got boppers and a punching bag.

Gracie June picked out an Elsa doll that sings.

Aunt Sissy teaching Gracie June how to do yoga.

GJ has really gotten into dressing up!

 We had a gift card to use from a sweet student of mine from last year. We went to Jumpin' Jacks and had a blast.

We've made MANY trips to Lovin' Spoons lately, because this little boy has been getting LOTS of green days at school! So PROUD of him!

GJ can be a diva and a tom boy (wearing Caycen's rain boots).

Caycen has been working very hard on writing his name in his journal. He even learned his phone number.

I know I say it all the time, but I'm so so blessed to have such sweet kids and a wonderful husband. August was a very STRESSFUL, BUSY, CHAOTIC, EXHAUSTING month with my eye surgery recovery, starting back work, Caycen starting PreK, GJ going back to daycare, and trying to get back on a schedule. But I wouldn't change this crazy busy life for anything! God is good all the time!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

GJs 2 Year Check-Up

Gracie June had her two year check-up at the beginning of August. Daddy got to take her to this appointment. He said she was a big girl and did a great job. She didn't have to have any shots this time.

Here are her stats:
Hight- 34 1/2 inches (74%)
Weight - 26 lbs 13 oz (51%)
Head circumference - 47 1/4 cm (they didn't give us percentiles on this one)

Our little girl is getting so big!!! Her stats have completely changed too. She used to be on the short end of the spectrum and now she's above average for height!

Love this little sweetheart!!!