Saturday, August 23, 2014

Words to Remember

Last night at bedtime Caycen wanted me to rock him for a few minutes before getting in bed. Of course I spoil him when Chance isn't here, so I started to rock him. "I love you so much Caycen". He responds "I love your so much too Mommy" then he holds my face and gives me a big kiss and hugs me while I rock him. I then said "you're my best buddy in the whole world" and he says "yea"... Then a few seconds later says "and my Daddy's my best buddy too". I said "yep that's right". Then there's a few minutes of silence. With his head still resting on my shoulder, he says "you love me so much Mommy" and I said "yes I do buddy, you make my heart so full", he says "yea". Then he must've been really tired cause he fell asleep within just a few minutes.

Love that sweet boy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Words to Remember

We got Caycen his soccer gear and decided we would let him try everythihg on and play in the backyard to see how he did. We put on his shin guards and he asks "what's that". Chance says "shin guards" and Caycen goes "oh I put my sin guards on". 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Summer in Pictures

So, I was pretty slack on updating throughout the summer, so I decided I would just add a ton of pictures from all of the fun we had… most are taken from my cell phone, so please excuse the quality:

on our date to a fundraiser



First time bowling

First time at the movie theater
Frozen movie night at the pool

This summer was so much fun! We went to the water park, Children's museum, played with friends, cousins, went bowling, to the movie theater, had swimming lessons, went to the beach, rode on the boat, and went to our pool almost ever day of July!!! It was a blast!!! We can't wait for next summer to get here :)