Saturday, August 23, 2014

Words to Remember

Last night at bedtime Caycen wanted me to rock him for a few minutes before getting in bed. Of course I spoil him when Chance isn't here, so I started to rock him. "I love you so much Caycen". He responds "I love your so much too Mommy" then he holds my face and gives me a big kiss and hugs me while I rock him. I then said "you're my best buddy in the whole world" and he says "yea"... Then a few seconds later says "and my Daddy's my best buddy too". I said "yep that's right". Then there's a few minutes of silence. With his head still resting on my shoulder, he says "you love me so much Mommy" and I said "yes I do buddy, you make my heart so full", he says "yea". Then he must've been really tired cause he fell asleep within just a few minutes.

Love that sweet boy!

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