Friday, September 5, 2014

August Update

This last month has been lots of fun and we've had a lot of adjusting to do with our new schedule. I started back work at the beginning of August and the kids went back to daycare. They bit got some sweet teachers so we are very excited.

This was the only pic I could get of GJ on her first day back to daycare. 

Only a week at daycare and GJ decided she could stand all by herself and has even been pushing up to stand in the middle of the floor.

Caycen started soccer this month and he's loving it. They've only had practice so far and will have their first game in September. 

We found a turtle in the garden

Gracie June is loving her coupe and wants to climb in an out all the time.

GJ is not liking waking up early for school... This is what she looks like in the mornings:

But she's still sweet even when she wants to sleep!

And my babies have been so so so sweet to each other. I guess Caycen misses his sister during the day :)

Chance, Caycen, and I all took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this past month, which Caycen absolutely loved doing! I'm so happy that we got to be part of a great cause. You can check out our videos on our youtube page:

Caycen's video isn't on youtube yet, but it is on our Facebook page:
Caycen's video

Gracie June starting putting her hands together to pray this month. She even tries to say "Amen". It's soooo stinkin' cute! You can watch her video on our youtube page.

This past month was so much fun! I just love my little family!!! :)

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