Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Update

This month has been a lot of fun.

Chance went on a big elk hunting trip with Papa Ray, to Chama, New Mexico. On his trip he shot an 800 lb elk. He said it was the trip of a lifetime.

Caycen had his first soccer game this month. His team was so cute! Of course, every time an airplane went by the kids completely stopped, pointed to the sky, and yelled "Airplane! Airplane!" over and over. Caycen played goalie for most of the game, but decided he wanted to score later in the game and did pretty good kicking the ball. Caycen's team only scored one goal and the other team scored at least 5. 

Gracie June started walking this month! She started walking at one of Caycen's soccer practices and decided she just wanted to keep trying. By the end of the week. She was walking everywhere. Now there's no stopping her.

The kids also had pictures this month at school. I will upload the real school pics when they come home. Here are a few pics of Caycen on picture day (I couldn't get any of GJ):

We decorated for Halloween:

GJ got a jacket that is a little too big (better than the one that was too small) and I monogrammed it:

GJ loaded her friends up on a fire truck and pushed them around a while:

Caycen had fun with friends:

September was a lot of fun! And we have a very BUSY month coming up next month!!!

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