Friday, August 26, 2016

July 2016

We spent our July doing all the fun things that we love to do in the summer! I know I always say this every year, but this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year. I get to spend soooo much time with my babies and I cherish every single minute of it.

Here is our July in pictures:

Does this pictures of GJ not remind you of the little cave boy, Spot, from "The Good Dinosaur"… that girl has some major bedhead and I caught her putting on Caycen's clean shorts from our folded laundry!!!

4th of July festivities were a blast! We started them out with the fireworks at the park in Richmond Hill with our best friends!

GJ just kept saying the whole time "AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!"

The next night we went to the fireworks at the Yacht club with Nona, Papa Ray, Aunt Sissy, and Uncle Chris.

Then the next night we had dinner at Aunt Sissy and Uncle Chris's house.

We love to make silly faces… especially the smushy face!

We packed up the house… GJ even helped!

Hailey came to spend a few days with us all by herself! We had so much fun!!!

We found the mermaids that we lost the day we bought them!!! yay!!!

We celebrated Caycen turning 5 and Gracie June turning 3 with all of our friends. All of the birthday pictures will be in our next blog post.

We ate LOTS AND LOTS of popsicles this summer.

 The kids got to spend some time with Nona. They got to go to build-a-bear and make a pony and a Ninja Turtle. Then they had ice cream!

These kids are a mess!

GJ asks almost every Sunday after to church to go take a picture by the lake. Usually we take her up on it :) That girl LOVES to pose!

well… with Daddy I guess...

We made it to my new school to START moving stuff in.

We took our annual Amelia Island vacation (more pictures to come in a separate post). It was much needed!!!!

We found some cool ring pops at Michaels and had to take a picture of them!

Grandma sent Caycen a Hulk costume in the mail… He definitely knows how to act like this character!!!!

We didn't take a last picture (maybe we should have), but we moved out of our house at the end of July. This was the first house that Chance and I purchased as a married couple, the house that we brought our kids home to, and the house that we have 7 years of memories in. We have closed one chapter and are now moving on to a new chapter in our lives. We are very excited about all of the changes coming up.

God is so great!!! I know with all of our changes, we need to focus on keeping our eyes on the Lord and what is most important in our lives. I am so grateful to our family and friends for all of their support while we make all of these new transitions. I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family!