Thursday, December 30, 2010


So we were supposed to find out today what we are having, but unfortunately the doctor called us to reschedule our appointment for next Tuesday.  They had to reschedule because they said we weren't far enough along yet... hmmm... who's mistake is that!?!? THEIRS! They are the ones who scheduled this appointment.  I mean it's fine and all, but I wish that they would have just scheduled us for the week later in the first place... we were just so excited to find out what we were having and now we have to wait 5 more days!  Ok... I know some of you are thinking "it's only 5 days quit complaining"... so sorry.  I was just SUPER excited about it...

Anyway... a lot of people are saying that it's a boy... pretty much EVERYONE is saying that it's a boy, except me.  I thought it was a girl from the beginning.  It's funny all of the different superstitions there are out there... here are some of the SILLY tests that we have done:

1.  The necklace over the palm - Brooke did this one to me and it swung side to side (which is supposedly a girl and a boy would have been clockwise).
2.  Heart rate - the first heart rate was 174, which is pretty high. (They say that high heart rates are girls and low heart rates are boys)
3.  Veins in the eye - a teacher that I used to work with stopped me in the mall and pulled my eye lid down to check the veins in my eye.  She said that the veins made a V which would be a girl.
4.  Dreaming - I had several dreams about having a girl.
5.  Intelligender - Now this is a test where you pee in a cup and it has chemicals in it that test your PH levels... when I did this one the color turned dark green, (high PH) which says a boy.  A girl would have been yellow to orange (low PH).  This test says "90 percent accurate" on the label of the package... but from the reviews I've read online about it, there are a lot of people that took the test and it was wrong.  So... we'll see.
6.  MORE DREAMING - WELL after taking the intelligender test, I had another dream that the intelligender test was wrong and it was a girl haha!

So... that's it... that's all I have to go by... I'M SO READY TO KNOW!!!!

What do you guys think?  GIRL OR BOY????

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Granny's 70th Birthday Bash

One of the most wonderful women I know, my Granny, turned 70 today! We celebrated her birthday by throwing her a big 70th birthday bash this past Saturday the 18th.  I am VERY close to my Granny, so this was something that I was looking forward to for a while.  My Granny is my 2nd mother and has always been there for me no matter what.  I actually lived with her for a few years while I was in middle school. 

The birthday party was held at the Twiggs Academy Gymnasium.  Her daughters and grandaughters all held the party.  We made lots of little appetizers and decorated the room right outside the gym.  After chowing down on some food, Granny opened her gifts (she was loaded up with gift cards, Elvis Presley and Alan Jackson hits, clothing, and a BEAUTIFUL necklace), then Granny and her grandchildren all went and shot some hoops in the gym.  Granny even did the traditional "granny shot" for me!  Wow, she's in such GREAT shape!!! I mean have you ever seen a 70 year old woman that looked that good? 

Skyler helping Granny blow out her birthday cake!

Granny Shot!!!

Well, Granny we all love you very much and can't wait to celebrate MANY more birthdays!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

9 weeks

This is our little pea at 9 weeks!  I couldn't believe how much I could make out in this picture... WOW!  This was on November 15, 2010.  We just had our 2nd check-up at 13 weeks.  Now we only have 2 weeks until we find out what we're having! Don't you just love technology these days?? I will be finding out at only 16 weeks! CRAZY!!!!  It's going to be wonderful to see that sweet little baby again :)
look at that head! And arms and feet! CRAZZZY!

this one's a little crooked... oops!
Welp... Have a great Friday! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Post

Hey everyone! I'm new to the blog, but I am so excited about posting! This will be totally new for me.  Chance and I are expecting our first little one on June 20, 2010, so I felt this was the perfect time to start blogging.  Wish me luck! :)