Friday, October 25, 2013

3 month letter to GJ

Dear 3 month old Baby GJ,
This past month has been so much fun watching you grow and seeing you starting to interact with us. I am falling more in love with you every single day!

This month's firsts:

We took the sling out of your bathtub this month, which you absolutely LOVE! You love to sit in the bathtub and kick your feet!

You got your ears pierced this month and only cried for a few minutes. Don't you look so purdy!!!

Things you are loving:
Sleeping, eating, cuddling, watching Caycen, laying on your back, bath time, squealing, your Daddy, talking to Mommy, baby tv, the momaroo, and cooing and smiling at us.

You're the sweetest little girl in the world!!! I love you baby girl!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Festival and Halloween Hike 2013

Caycen had a busy day on Friday, October 18th. First he started the day out at daycare where they were having their fall festival. He did lots of fun Activities that morning. His Nona went to spend the morning with him at the festival. Then at around lunchtime, I got to go up there for a little bit. Unfortunately, I missed all the activities but it was still fun to see my little pumpkin in the middle of the day! He was so sweet with all his friends!

Caycen and Mason (trouble makers at school)

Mason, Caycen, and Kendall
 Then that night we decided to go to Oatland Island again this year for some costume dress up and trick or treating. It was so much fun! Ella Kate and Caycen had the best time! Everyone kept saying just how cute they were. They were so funny chasing after each other, laughing hysterically for no reason, and holding hands. It was precious!

Caycen the scarecrow and his daddy

riding the pony

cracking up at each other

They got to meet lots of animals that gave them treats, they saw Mother Goose, and even went on a little hayride. When we went inside they got to see snakes and an opossum named Petunia. 


they are the sweetest things EVER!!!!

Of course, Gracie June slept most of the time. Don't worry, she will be dressing up for Halloween!

I think this will be a little Fall tradition :)