Friday, October 25, 2013

3 month letter to GJ

Dear 3 month old Baby GJ,
This past month has been so much fun watching you grow and seeing you starting to interact with us. I am falling more in love with you every single day!

This month's firsts:

We took the sling out of your bathtub this month, which you absolutely LOVE! You love to sit in the bathtub and kick your feet!

You got your ears pierced this month and only cried for a few minutes. Don't you look so purdy!!!

Things you are loving:
Sleeping, eating, cuddling, watching Caycen, laying on your back, bath time, squealing, your Daddy, talking to Mommy, baby tv, the momaroo, and cooing and smiling at us.

You're the sweetest little girl in the world!!! I love you baby girl!


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