Thursday, January 28, 2016

December Part 2

We started off our Christmas break by visiting the mall and going to visit Santa at Bass Pro. We had to wait a few hours so we decided to go play at the soft play and then play in Bass Pro for a little bit before seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Gracie June would NOT put down that horse!

We celebrated Joshua's birthday party in our pajamas! It was so much fun!

We went to see the Gingerbread village and to see all of the princesses.

Santa sent us a box of stuff that included a "good list" certificate for each of the kids and some NORTH POLE SNOW! It was so much fun!

Christmas Eve we went to church and had our sweet family with us! This was Gracie June's first time ever in big church. She didn't make it ALL THE WAY to the end of the service, but she did pretty good for most of the time.

After we got home from church, we opened our Christmas pajamas and watched the Polar Express. Then headed to bed early so that Santa could come!

Caycen and GJ made cookies themselves for Santa this year. They loved it.

Santa came and we even caught him on camera!

Gracie June finally got her dress up station that I refinished for her! I love the way it turned out. We use it for Caycen as well. All of Gracie June's accessories are in the top drawer and Caycen's dress up stuff is in the bottom drawer. He made me put his dress up clothes in there too instead of hanging them up with all of GJ's dresses.

Christmas morning was a blast! Gracie June got the yeehaw (horse) that she has been obsessed with and all of the princess barbies! She LOVED them! Caycen got a new bike and has been riding around like crazy on it. The kids were definitely SPOILED rotten! But they were so appreciative and loved giving other people gifts as well.

After spending the morning opening presents and eating breakfast casserole, we headed over to Nona and Papa Ray's house to enjoy the day and open even more presents.

Aunt Ginny got Caycen a train and we probably watched the train go around about 100 times that day!

The day after Christmas, Grandma and Granny came to see us. We loved spending the day with them.

The kids got new kindle fires from Daddy and I, and they love them. I love them too! They are so easy to keep kid friendly.

Had to get a picture of this rare occasion where GJ was cuddled up with Cooper. She never wants anything to do with him, so this was funny!

The kids love riding their new bikes and scooters!

We did a lot of cuddling this month! I absolutely LOVE it when my kids are sweet to each other. Caycen says they are best friends!

It was SO hot in December. We went out to the playground and then Brylee came over to play dress up! Love spending time with that sweet girl and her Mama.

Pallet time on the floor.

We spent New Year's Eve and Brandon and Amanda's this year. We played minute to win it games. Then we did a fake countdown with sparklers and party poppers. The kids had a blast!

I can't believe to 2015 has come and gone. Our family was SO SO blessed this year with lots of memories, health, friends, and family that is always there for us. We thank God every single day for the good and the bad. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for our family!