Monday, April 29, 2013

Second Trimester Baby 2

The second trimester with Baby #2 is over now and it went by!!! I think it's going by so fast this time because I have a toddler at home that's keeping me pretty busy, plus work...

How I Feel:
I feel a lot better, now that I'm FINALLY over morning sickness {which lasted til a little past 20 weeks this time UGH!} and I'm getting some energy back. I do feel pretty big, but I know I have nothing to complain about yet, cause I'm just going to get a lot bigger and a lot more uncomfortable...

Nope, none... Sorry this part isn't more exciting. I just like to eat the same old stuff, but more often.

I'm getting bigger and bigger and I feel like I'm bigger than I was last pregnancy at this point, but let's look at some instagram pics:

19 weeks:

22 weeks:

27 weeks:

So this is embarrassing, but I'm being real here, but I have gained about 23 lbs so far. The doctors always say that they only want u to gain about 30 during pregnancy, but I know last pregnancy I actually gained 40 total (10 of which was water weight the last few weeks and I was on bedrest for a while too so that didn't help). I am actually working out a lot more this pregnancy though, so I think I just need to watch what I'm eating and do a little more portion control.

Best and Worst Moments:
Worst moment- definitely getting a stomach virus TWICE this pregnancy. The last one was a few weeks ago and I ended up in the E.R. because we couldn't keep my fever down, and then it reached 102.8. I was sick for a WEEK straight!!! NOT FUN! Thankfully, I have the BEST husband in the world who took such great care of me.

Best moment- Finding out that we were having a little girl to complete our family was probably the best moment of this pregnancy!!! I think for a while I was kinda hoping for a boy {I wanted 2 boys then a girl}, but after all the morning sickness, I remembered how much I dislike being pregnant {I'm weird cause I think most people LOVE being pregnant, but I can't say that I do... Sorry}. Then I started hoping for a girl {most women dream of having a little girl to dress up}, that way I could have one of each and then be done having kids. Does that SOUND bad??? Sorry if it does, but again I'm being real! I love my little boy and I know I'll love this little girl, but I don't think I want to have anymore kids after this. Pregnancy just isn't my thing :) Anyway, got a little off subject, I am SO excited to have a little girl!

What We have left to do to get ready:
We haven't done one thing in the baby room yet. By this time in my first pregnancy I think we already had furniture, some hand me down clothes we were washing and putting up, the room painted, bedding, and more. This time we just haven't had time yet I guess.

Some things we do have done are... We have our furniture {which we didn't have to buy ANY this time}, but we are painting it all white. I will post some before and after pics of the furniture too. I also made a cute little sign for her bedroom (and of course I made a coordinating sign for Caycen's bedroom too)... Aren't they cute?!?!

That's all... yep... we have a few things done I guess, but still A LOT to do.

So that sums up the 2nd trimester. Praying that I can make it through the rest of this pregnancy without getting sick or having anything crazy happen :)

Remembering that God is great ALL the time!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Gender Reveal, Birthday Party and Alumni Game

The weekend of April 12th was such a busy {but FUN} weekend for us!

We started out the weekend on Friday night, with a little Gender Reveal party at our friends Blake and Julie's house. We were sooooooo excited when they announced they would be having a little girl! This is so great because our little boys are a week apart right now and the next baby {both girls} will be due a week apart! Our kids are going to have so much fun growing up together!!!

On Saturday morning, we went to celebrate Andy's 1st birthday! He had an airplane themed birthday. My friend Martha was so sweet to let me help her make some of the decorations on the computer, and of course she printed them and put everything up all cute! Andy and Caycen were too cute sitting together in Andy's little chair. And of course the best part of the party is when Andy got to have his smash cake! The party was GREAT!

Saturday night was Chance's Alumni football game. I decided the night before that I needed to make Caycen a shirt... I think it turned out pretty cute.

We met up with Julie and her family while they tailgated before the game. Blake, Julie's husband, played for Calvary in high school and they were playing Chance's team. It was pretty funny because Blake and Chance were both supposed to be #12, so Caycen and Noah had the #12 on the back of their shirts. They were just too cute! Caycen had a lot of fun running around the stadium, and I of course chased him.  At about half-time, Chance's mom took Caycen back to her house so I could watch the 2nd half of the game. Unfortunately, Chance's team got beat pretty bad... but I think he had a lot of fun playing!

It was a fun weekend!!!!

God Bless Y'ALL!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a lot of fun at Easter!

The weekend before Easter, we decided to go to The Children's Museum downtown with Amanda and Ella Kate.  We always have fun there, but this time Caycen was sooo into everything! We had a blast!!! Here are a few pictures to share:

We went a few days before Easter weekend to see the Easter Bunny... when we first got there Caycen was so excited about seeing the Easter Bunny. He kept waving and saying "hey, Easter Bunny!". But when it was time to take his picture with the Easter Bunny, it was a whole different story! He cried and cried. We ended up having to sit down with the Easter Bunny and just take a family picture.  I had a feeling he would do that, since he didn't care much to sit with Santa at Christmas either.

Easter weekend we went to my mom's house. On Saturday, we went to a festival at Chance's cousins' church in Macon. We went with my mom and brought my two nieces and nephew along too. They had a blast! First we had a little picnic, then the kids got to go play on all the bouncies. Caycen would have gone through the little obstacle course bouncy about 1,000 times if we had let him! It didn't take him long to figure out that thing!

On Easter Sunday, we went to church with my mom, and poor Caycen got a little stomach bug. It didn't stop him from hunting eggs later though. Some of my family came over to my mom's house and hid the eggs for the kids. This was Caycen's first REAL egg hunt, where he was actually big enough to hunt eggs. He did so good! He went out there and starting pointing to all the eggs and saying their colors.  Chance had to show him that he was supposed to pick them up and put them in the buckets. After that he picked up a bunch! He hunted for about 5 minutes, then was bored, climbed the slide and started rolling all of his eggs down.  Skyler and Capri started picking up all the eggs that rolled down and putting them in their baskets. It was pretty funny!

That night, we headed back home, but the Easter Bunny had left Caycen's basket at our house!! We noticed it in the living room when we got home. He got some pretty cool stuff.

Then the following Tuesday, we had dinner over at Chance's parents' house, and of course we had to have one more Easter Egg hunt over there :) It was great because Caycen actually hunted the eggs by himself and he LOVED it! He had so much fun!

This was such a fun Easter and we enjoyed celebrating our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and how he rose again for our sins! God is GREAT!