Monday, April 29, 2013

Second Trimester Baby 2

The second trimester with Baby #2 is over now and it went by!!! I think it's going by so fast this time because I have a toddler at home that's keeping me pretty busy, plus work...

How I Feel:
I feel a lot better, now that I'm FINALLY over morning sickness {which lasted til a little past 20 weeks this time UGH!} and I'm getting some energy back. I do feel pretty big, but I know I have nothing to complain about yet, cause I'm just going to get a lot bigger and a lot more uncomfortable...

Nope, none... Sorry this part isn't more exciting. I just like to eat the same old stuff, but more often.

I'm getting bigger and bigger and I feel like I'm bigger than I was last pregnancy at this point, but let's look at some instagram pics:

19 weeks:

22 weeks:

27 weeks:

So this is embarrassing, but I'm being real here, but I have gained about 23 lbs so far. The doctors always say that they only want u to gain about 30 during pregnancy, but I know last pregnancy I actually gained 40 total (10 of which was water weight the last few weeks and I was on bedrest for a while too so that didn't help). I am actually working out a lot more this pregnancy though, so I think I just need to watch what I'm eating and do a little more portion control.

Best and Worst Moments:
Worst moment- definitely getting a stomach virus TWICE this pregnancy. The last one was a few weeks ago and I ended up in the E.R. because we couldn't keep my fever down, and then it reached 102.8. I was sick for a WEEK straight!!! NOT FUN! Thankfully, I have the BEST husband in the world who took such great care of me.

Best moment- Finding out that we were having a little girl to complete our family was probably the best moment of this pregnancy!!! I think for a while I was kinda hoping for a boy {I wanted 2 boys then a girl}, but after all the morning sickness, I remembered how much I dislike being pregnant {I'm weird cause I think most people LOVE being pregnant, but I can't say that I do... Sorry}. Then I started hoping for a girl {most women dream of having a little girl to dress up}, that way I could have one of each and then be done having kids. Does that SOUND bad??? Sorry if it does, but again I'm being real! I love my little boy and I know I'll love this little girl, but I don't think I want to have anymore kids after this. Pregnancy just isn't my thing :) Anyway, got a little off subject, I am SO excited to have a little girl!

What We have left to do to get ready:
We haven't done one thing in the baby room yet. By this time in my first pregnancy I think we already had furniture, some hand me down clothes we were washing and putting up, the room painted, bedding, and more. This time we just haven't had time yet I guess.

Some things we do have done are... We have our furniture {which we didn't have to buy ANY this time}, but we are painting it all white. I will post some before and after pics of the furniture too. I also made a cute little sign for her bedroom (and of course I made a coordinating sign for Caycen's bedroom too)... Aren't they cute?!?!

That's all... yep... we have a few things done I guess, but still A LOT to do.

So that sums up the 2nd trimester. Praying that I can make it through the rest of this pregnancy without getting sick or having anything crazy happen :)

Remembering that God is great ALL the time!


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