Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a lot of fun at Easter!

The weekend before Easter, we decided to go to The Children's Museum downtown with Amanda and Ella Kate.  We always have fun there, but this time Caycen was sooo into everything! We had a blast!!! Here are a few pictures to share:

We went a few days before Easter weekend to see the Easter Bunny... when we first got there Caycen was so excited about seeing the Easter Bunny. He kept waving and saying "hey, Easter Bunny!". But when it was time to take his picture with the Easter Bunny, it was a whole different story! He cried and cried. We ended up having to sit down with the Easter Bunny and just take a family picture.  I had a feeling he would do that, since he didn't care much to sit with Santa at Christmas either.

Easter weekend we went to my mom's house. On Saturday, we went to a festival at Chance's cousins' church in Macon. We went with my mom and brought my two nieces and nephew along too. They had a blast! First we had a little picnic, then the kids got to go play on all the bouncies. Caycen would have gone through the little obstacle course bouncy about 1,000 times if we had let him! It didn't take him long to figure out that thing!

On Easter Sunday, we went to church with my mom, and poor Caycen got a little stomach bug. It didn't stop him from hunting eggs later though. Some of my family came over to my mom's house and hid the eggs for the kids. This was Caycen's first REAL egg hunt, where he was actually big enough to hunt eggs. He did so good! He went out there and starting pointing to all the eggs and saying their colors.  Chance had to show him that he was supposed to pick them up and put them in the buckets. After that he picked up a bunch! He hunted for about 5 minutes, then was bored, climbed the slide and started rolling all of his eggs down.  Skyler and Capri started picking up all the eggs that rolled down and putting them in their baskets. It was pretty funny!

That night, we headed back home, but the Easter Bunny had left Caycen's basket at our house!! We noticed it in the living room when we got home. He got some pretty cool stuff.

Then the following Tuesday, we had dinner over at Chance's parents' house, and of course we had to have one more Easter Egg hunt over there :) It was great because Caycen actually hunted the eggs by himself and he LOVED it! He had so much fun!

This was such a fun Easter and we enjoyed celebrating our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and how he rose again for our sins! God is GREAT!

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