Saturday, August 2, 2014

Words to Remember

So, I've decide to start posting on the blog every time my kids say something that's worth remembering. Whether it's sweet, funny, wild, whatever. I know that Caycen has said soooo many things that I wish is written down cause they were SO worth remembering and now I have forgotten. So now I can have all those little quotes in one place and I'll never forget! This post is going to have a few that I can remember Caycen saying with ages. After this post, I will try to blog about the quote as soon as it happens. So here they go:

Caycen age 2:
After waking up in the morning before school, I took Caycen to use the potty. He's still half asleep when he pulls his pants down and says "WOOH that's a big pogey!"

One day, I told Caycen "wow, you're getting so big, how did you get do big?".
He responds "yea I'm really big and I have big arms. When I'm big like you I can pop my fingers".

Caycen age 3:
I told Caycen "God made dirt so dirt won't hurt". He says "oh so Jesus made dirt too Mommy?". 

I told Caycen not to do something because he could get hurt and die (I know this is a little harsh but sometimes it's the only thing that works with him). Then I asked him "do you know what happens when you die?" And he said "what Mommy?". I told him "you will leave Mommy and Daddy and go live with Jesus in heaven and you won't live with us anymore". He said "oh so I would live with Jesus and God?". I said yes, then I asked "do you want to leave Mommy and Daddy? Cause I'll be sad if you leave me". He says "I'm gonna go live with Jesus, you stay here Mommy with Daddy". I said "well you can stay here with us. And did you know that Jesus live right here in your heart?" I touched his heart and he says "that's my heart? And Jesus lives there?". I said yes. And Caycen says "oh Jesus is trapped under my shirt!". He then pulls his shirt up and says "Jesus is in my heart and I trapped him" and pulls his shirt down really fast.

He is just too funny! More "words to remember" coming soon. 

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