Tuesday, April 14, 2015

February 2015

February was another fun month... not to many BIG things happened, but it was still fun. Here is our February in quick post of pictures...

First my BIG GIRL turned 18 months!!! Wow, what a milestone :) She sure is getting big way too fast.

I think Caycen likes eating with his little sister!

some days he wakes up in a good mood :)
she loves selfies

We did a whole week wearing hearts the week of Valentine's Day!


they love making silly faces!

Caycen's Valentine's to his class "Doh you want to be my Valentine?" with Playdoh

GJ's Valentine's to her class.  "I'm WILD about you" with animal crackers.

more silly faces

my little Valentine!

First Pony tail

cutie at church... Caycen said "Mommy what is Gracie June wearing?", I said "a dress", and he said "wow, she's pretty". HOW SWEET IS THAT?!?!

lovin' on Papa Ray

Princess GJ

GJ loves her some Ella Kate!

We found out that the Woods family is having a BOY!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! (Caycen just had to get in the pic I guess) haha

GJ's first pigtails

another shot of the pigtails

ok, I was OBSESSED with the pigtails!!!!

They love their Minnie and Mickey

another day of pigtails for this cutie!!!

even GJ can work the Ipad

playing in the Princess Sophia tent

That pretty much sums up our February.  The kids are growing like weeds and time won't slow down!!!! I love them to pieces!

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