Friday, March 27, 2015

January 2015

I am soooo behind on our blog!!!! But it's time to play catch up.

January was a lot of fun.

Our new chalkboard that I got from Kirklands! Love doing chalkboard art on this thing :)

Caycen got to go to the circus for the first time this month. We went during the week, so he was super tired from being at school all day.  But he LOVED his sword and his flavored ice. I think next time we will go on the weekend during the day when he's a little more rested though.

Gracie June and Caycen played together a lot! They have gotten so good at sharing with each other and just loving to play with each other. They are a mess!

Gracie June used the potty for the first time! We aren't really pushing it, but it was exciting!

Gracie June was sick more than once :(

We went to "Snow Day" at Madrac Farms. It was so much fun!!! This was the first time my kids have seen snow.

 they even had a few goats to feed:

The kids became obsessed with ice cream with Daddy after dinner! This became almost a nightly ritual :)

God has truly blessed my family!!!! I love making memories with them!

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