Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving

I'm loving lots of things and here are just a few:

1.  I'm loving that I'm 34 weeks & 2 days and Caycen is still in my tummy!  The doctor told us yesterday that we are in the clear now! If my water happens to break any time soon then Caycen will be ok.  His lungs should be strong due to the steroid shot so that's great! He is probably weighing close to 5 lbs by now too.  I can't wait to meet him!!!

2.  I'm loving that I got to see my wonerful mother this past weekend!  I feel so blessed to have a mother as great as she is!  It's funny because her anniversary was on Saturday, Mother's Day was Sunday, and then Monday was her birthday!  Because I've been on bed rest I wasn't able to get her much, but she completely understood.  I felt really bad though because she deserves to be SPOILED!!!  (Don't worry, I'm planning on spoiling her with things as soon as I can!)

3.  I'm loving that even though I'm on bed rest, my great friends found a way to still give me a shower on Saturday.  They brought the shower to my house since I wasn't able to go to the clubhouse that it was originally supposed to be at.  We got some GREAT stuff for our little boy.  So many people came to the shower and it was just PERFECT!!!!  My friends did a low country boil (which was DELICIOUS!!!), they decorated the whole downstairs, and even had tables set up outside for everyone to sit at.  It couldn't have been any better! LOVE YOU GIRLS (Melissa, Martha, and Amy K. - and of course their wonderful hubby's who helped with cooking and planning as well - Lee, Ben, and Kyle).  Chance and I are so thankful for you guys!
my cute diaper cake

cupcakes and cake pops YUMMY!

all the guys

all the gals! (Yes, I got up only to take a quick picture! promise!)

4.  I'm loving my sweet doggies! They are so funny! Since I'm on bed rest I get to spend all day with them.  I would love to put a camera out to see what they do when I'm not here.  I've noticed that almost every morning they have about a 15 minute spurt of energy where they chase each other around and just go crazy! Then they are tuckered out and ready to lay with me on the couch.  When daddy gets home they are ready for a walk and some more play time.  I know they will be jealous when Caycen gets here, but they will love him I'm sure. 
Sugar - 6 years old

Cooper - 2 years old

5.  I'm loving my hubs as always! He's been so great since I've been on bed rest! I just can't believe how much he has done for me.  God blessed me so much with this man!
at our shower

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