Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Fun, but MORE to Come!

I hate that I have absolutely NO time to get on here anymore and post during the week and hardly at all on the weekends either!!!

Last weekend we went to Cabin Ridge (the hunting club) for opening gun season.  Chance and his dad, Papa Ray, went hunting on Saturday morning.  Chance's deer, Unicorn, walked in the field at about 7:15 and didn't have a "chance".  Chance had the first kill of gun season!  Here are some pictures of Chance and his buck:

Caycen was all ready in his camo too!

We also went and visited my parents for the weekend.  We stayed with my dad, Pop, on Saturday night, then went to see my mom on Sunday.

The Grandkids with Grandpa

Caycen and Grandpa

This weekend is the weekend for Halloween festivities! We decided that we needed a reason to dress Caycen up in his lion costume that I made him so we took him to Trunk-or-Treat at Marshpoint, the school I used to work at.  Chance mom, Nona, and his siter, Aunt Brook, met us there to see Caycen in his costume.  Here are some pictures from Trunk-or-Treat:

On Monday we plan on giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and I guess we will if we have any tonight too.  I have more pictures to take though of Caycen in his halloween costume :)

What a fun month :)
Have a wonderful weekend and Halloween!!!


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