Monday, July 29, 2013

A Trip to the Fire Station

A few weeks ago, Caycen got to take a little trip to the fire station with his two friends Noah and Ella Kate. Our neighbor, Ira, is a firefighter and invited Caycen to come for a visit to see the big fire trucks. Caycen was so excited!

When we got there Caycen was not shy at all and ran straight to the fire truck. Ira let then get in the fire truck, play with the buttons inside, push the horn, and Caycen even spoke on the intercom (is that what you call it?). He was so sweet! He got on there and said "Hey Noah, Hey Ella Kate, hey Mommy, love you Mommy". It made me tear up!!! (but hey I was 9 months pregnant at the time too)

dirty hands!

dirty hands and a dirty face!

Thanks to Ira the kids had an awesome time!!! And thank you to Amanda and Julie for letting his best friends tag along! :)

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