Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Packed for the Hospital

Well we may not have the baby room ready, but we have our bags packed and ready for the hospital (also done a lot later than last time!). We had to pack three bags... Gracie June's bag, Mommy and Daddy's bag, and then we have a "big brother" bag for when Caycen gets to come up to the hospital to meet the baby.

Since this is my second baby, it was a little easier for me to figure out what I needed to pack for the hospital. I'm trying to pack lighter this time... 

So here's a look at Gracie's bag:

I'm actually using the same diaper bag I used with Caycen... It's still cute and functional. Contents of the bag: Gracie's hospital door hanger, paint pen to fill out the info. on the door hanger, baby book to do the footprints (and of I feel up to it I can fill out some of the info.), burp cloth (it's too cute to not put in there!), socks, hand mittens so she doesn't scratch herself, little hats, a white onesie and her onesie stickers so we can take the "newborn" picture at the hospital, a couple of receiving blankets, a couple of onesies, a cute going home outfit, and I'll probably throw in a couple of headbands just in case. (ok so I probably still overpacked her bag... But whatever it all fits in there haha)

Mommy and Daddy's bag:

For mommy: a couple of bras, a couple pairs of underwear (just in case I don't wear the mesh ones they give you), a pair of pajamas, a light housecoat, flip flops, an outfit to go home in, toiletry items. I added my tummy wrap, which I used last time and it just made me feel so comfortable because it holds the belly in. I am also adding a few breastfeeding items like lanolin cream, a nipple shield (just in case), and a few nursing pads.

For Daddy: boxers, a pair of comfy shorts, tshirt, flip flops, toiletry items.

Caycen's bag (the big brother):

When Caycen comes to meet Gracie for the first time, we will have a little "big brother gift" for him: a big brother book, his "big bro" tshirt, and I'm going to add a coloring book and markers to keep him busy after we take some pics and of course some snacks (goldfish, caprisun, gummies, etc.).

Things we will grab as we go out the door: phone charger, camera, camcorder

I THINK that's all we need... I'm sure I probably forgot something... but I think this is a pretty good list.

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