Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reality Check

I'm writing this post to remind myself of what the first couple weeks is like with a newborn and a two-year-old.

Outside looking in:
Awe they have a cute little family of four now! One boy and one girl. Caycen is so sweet and always wants to give Gracie June kisses. They look like they've got it together.

This morning I wake up at 6:30 to feed Gracie June and also need to pump, but waited until Gracie got done eating. Started pumping at 6:46 and usually need to pump for about 20 minutes. At 7:00 Caycen starts crying for mommy because he's ready to get up and get out of his crib. I have to stop pumping about 5 minutes early and go get him out of the crib. LUCKIlY Gracie had fallen back to sleep. Caycen got in the bed and snuggled with Me for about 15 minutes. Then he was ready to go play. I had to brush my teeth so he went in the playroom and played with some toys for a few minutes while I did that. We let Gracie sleep while we went downstairs and ate breakfast, watched Caillou and played a little. I had to wash tons of bottles and pumping parts. That was actually very nice getting to spend some one-on-one time with Caycen. Then Gracie woke up... I had to Change her diaper and Caycen came in the room. He saw her cute outfit and picked it up. I was ready to go downstairs so I asked him to put the outfit back and he wouldn't let it go. I finally had to break it free from his hands and put it up. He cried... Then we went downstairs and I fed Gracie. He gave her kisses. A few minutes later he grabs our camera bag and tries to shove it on Gracie's head... I took it away and told him no and he needed to be gentle. He cried and hit Gracie in the leg. He got put in timeout for the longest he's ever been there (which was probably like 4 mins cause I had to change Gracie's diaper again). He got out of timeout and I had to change his poopy diaper since he's refusing to poop on the potty. We go outside to play and I am holding Gracie June and he gives her a kiss...

Now it's only 10:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong... I'm truly blessed!!!! Just praying that it gets a little easier soon!!!! And for PATIENCE!

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