Friday, August 9, 2013

Gracie's Two Week Stats

Gracie June had her two week check up today and thank God for no shots yet (that will be at her next appointment which is her 2 MONTH check up).

Weight - 7 lbs 1 oz (21%)
Length - 20 3/4 inches (57 %)
Head Circumference - 35 cm (39 %)

She has surpassed her birthweight, which is GREAT! She's eating like crazy right now and I think she'll be a little chunk before we know it.

Gracie's schedule at 2 weeks (we are following babywise):
She eats every 3 hours and her schedule USUALLY looks like this-
6:00 - eat and right back to sleep
9:00 - eat, wake, sleep
12:00 - eat, wake, sleep
3:00 - eat, wake, sleep
6:00 - eat, wake, sleep (then we start cluster feeding, which we started right when she turned 2 weeks)
7:45 - bath
8:00 - eat, then bedtime
10:00 - dreamfeed (she won't eat as much during this feeding because she's sleeping and it's just hard to get her to keep the bottle in her mouth)
2:00 or 3:00 - eat, sleep
then it starts over again at 6:00 am

She's eating about 2.5 oz of formula right now, but sometimes she will only take 2 oz (I guess it just depends on how hungry she is).

We are thinking that she has reflux, so she was prescribed zantac, which we started today (PRAYING that this helps her so she's not so fussy).

I had forgotten how different the newborn stage is and how exhausting it can be.  Though we are super tired, we are loving every minute with Gracie June in our lives! She is such a little blessing!!!

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