Friday, April 22, 2011

List Check-offs So Far

Well I've gotten a good bit of things checked off of my Spring  Break List of things to do so far. 

1.  I went to the Tim McGraw concert as you saw in my earlier post.
2.  I took the clothes to Plato's Closet and made about $55 for some old clothes that will never be worn again!
3.  I took the rest of the clothes and the ones in my big black trash bag + an old t.v. + a REALLY old stereo and speakers that I talked Chance into taking to Goodwill :)
4.  I finished Caycen's letters... YAY!!!!
5.  I organized the pantry (wheeww!)
6.  I found something to wear for maternity pics.
7.  I layed out for like an hour on Wednesday (not as much as I wanted to get in, but that's ok)

Caycen's Letters
I am very proud of myself for finishing Caycen's letters for his room! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but that's ok, I appreciate them a WHOLE lot more than if I would have just given up and bought some online.  I had to do some trial and error with the letters, but I think they turned out pretty good.  Please tell me what you think of them!!!  Also, I am going to try to hang them today, should I do straight across or zig-zag??

Pantry Organization
Alright, so one of my things on my list was to organize my pantry, which I did, but it wasn't EXACTLY how I wanted it.  To go about doing this, I first had to make a list of all the things I thought I could possibly need to put in bins, bowls, or tubs.  Next, I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of storage tubs and baskets.  I wanted to use some boxes and decorate the boxes for organization too, but I didn't have enough (I'm planning on doing this for my office/craft room so I had to save the boxes that I do have).  I started organizing by removing pretty much EVERYTHING from the pantry.  I then slowly started putting things in piles to organize them.  Some of the ways I organized was by putting things in groups of baking items, pastas, bread, cereal, boxed foods, chips, snacks, canned foods, and paper goods.  Then I slowly started putting things back on the shelves trying to think of the items that needed to be in easy reach.  Here is a before and after picture:

After taking everything out of the pantry this is what my kitchen looked like...

Empty pantry (top row is Taylor's stuff so I didn't want to really mess with that yet, then the next row I organized as I went)

Paper goods and zip loc bags

floor has the paper goods and drinks, bottom shelf has paper goods, snacks, and trashbags

Middle shelf has baking items and canned goods.
I made the cute little labels for the canisters myself!!! Those were my favorite!
Sugar, flour, salt, and of course chocolate chips! :)

This shelf had all the pastas, boxed meals, condiments, and in the little blue basket are seasoning packs.

This shelf has all the breads, salad stuff, and chips.
Then the top row has all the cereal and Taylor's food
Here is the finished pantry again (not exactly what I hoped for, but at least it's organized now):

Some of my BEST friends are coming over today to work on some baby stuff with me! Yay! So HOPEFULLY, I will be able to have some stuff up in the baby room and have pictures to post soon.  There are still a few things on my list for Spring Break that I haven't completed, but I'm getting to them... the only thing I think I won't get done is organizing my office the way I want it. I did clean it up a little so it doesn't look so messy, but I have a lot of work to do in there and I don't think I have enough time to get it done.

Oh, I almost forgot... here is something I made yesterday, when I probably should have been working on my list, but hey, I got a little distracted!!!

a little necklace... I will put it on with an outfit later and take a pic so you can see what it looks like on :)
So far, this spring break has been awesome!!! Going by waaay to fast, as always, but that just means the end of the school year is NEAR!!! I am SOOOO ready for Summer!!

I hope you all are enjoying your week and if you're not off today it's ok because at least it's FRIDAY!!!!
Comments PLEASE :)

love y'all~ Aimes


  1. aw! I Love the letters!!!! Good luck gettin' em perfect straight...i'd probably do zig-zag to make it easier. The necklace is ADORABLE and the pantry looks great too!

  2. Nice work! I bet you are tired!

    I would zig-zag the letters because then if you don't get them all EXACTLY on level, no one will notice. I'd start with the C up then go down.

    I've done the pantry organization thing too, and it is a lot of work! Good for you!