Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Week of Playdates!

This week has been SO much fun for Caycen! He got to have LOTS of playdates this week :)

It started on Monday, since we had a holiday, we went to the park to meet Melissa, Laura, Sara, and Cuyler.  Cuyler is only about a month and a half younger than Caycen, but they look the same age because Cuyler is SUPER tall! They have become good buddies at our small group.  They had so much fun swinging in the swing together.

Later that night we had dinner over at some great friends house, Blake and Julie. Their baby, Noah, is exactly 2 weeks older than Caycen.  But Noah looks like he's much older :) He's HUGE! He's got the longest legs ever.  They were hilarious because they wanted to get the toy the other one had the entire time. It was a lot of fun! Not to mention, Julie is a GREAT cook!!!!

Then Today, Saturday, we had a playdate with our NEWLY FORMED playgroup! A lot of the girls couldn't come today, but it's ok, I hope they are able to come next time. Julie and Noah (7 1/2 months) came, Amanda and Ella Kate (10 months) came, Stephanie and Dalton (2 years) came, and then me and Baby C (7 months).
It was really nice outside, which was great! 77 degrees on january 21st! Can you believe it?? SO NICE!
We put out blankets on the ground and sat the itty babies on it to play with a bunch of toys. Dalton got to run around, play on the playground, chase the geese, and just enjoy being a boy! They babies didn't really pay too much attention to each other, unless you count Caycen trying to eat Ella Kate's shoe or trying to pull on her shirt haha! But they did enjoy grabbing each other's toys and watching other big kids play on the playground. It was a nice relaxing time though for us.  We had a little picnic out there too. It was so much fun!!! I'm planning another little get-together for February, hopefully a Valentine's Day theme or something, so if anyone is reading this and wants to join us let me know!

It has been so much fun getting Caycen together with the other babes. I think this playgroup is going to be a wonderful thing for the babies and mommies!!!

Have a great WEEKEND!


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