Sunday, January 15, 2012

Letter to 7 Month Old Baby C


Dear Baby C,
I know I say this EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH. but WOW, you are just growing soooo sooo fast and the time is going by waaaaay to quick! You are just a little bundle of joy! It seems like every day you do something new.  You are the most smiley baby I've ever seen.

This last month you have had some more firsts:

You had your first Christmas! You got lots of toys and clothes.  You even helped tear some paper off the presents.

You had your first New Year's. You were asleep through it, but that's a good thing! Happy 2012 Baby C! I know this year is going to be a great year!

First time going to the park. You got to swing in the swing and you had so much fun! I am looking forward to taking you a lot more often now.

First word!! You said "Da Da" of course, but you also said "Ma Ma" right after! You say "Da Da" a lot now, but you've only said "Ma Ma" that one time. At the beginning of this video you say "Da Da" and I do keep trying to get you to say it again, but you don't pay me any attention :)

You've started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  You are trying to crawl so hard, but you just seem to scoot yourself a little or roll from place to place.  We can't leave you on the bed by yourself anymore because you are rolling everywhere and throwing yourself forward, so we are scared you might fall off of the bed.

You've gone to eating baby food twice a day! Once in the morning and once at dinner time.

You sat in a grocery cart for the first time when we went to Walmart.  You loved it! You would just look around at everything we rode by.

Things you're loving:
Feeding your bottle to yourself, playing with your doggy pal, your gloworm you got for Christmas, playing on the carpet, Mommy and Daddy, cuddling, LONG naps, FOOD FOOD FOOD, giggling, being tossed around, and trying to crawl.

This past month has been so much fun and I know that this next month will be just as much fun.  I absolutely LOVE ever minute that I get to spend with you.


Mommy xoxo

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