Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday - Two Truths and One Lie

I stole this from Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On...

I thought I would share some fun facts and a lie about myself... can you figure out which is the lie and which is the truth???

1.  I have been bungee jumping

2.  I was on the cover of a magazine

3.  I am allergic to mosquitoes

Leave a comment and try to guess which one is the lie :)  I'll post the answer tomorrow so make sure you come back and check to see if you're right!!!

P.S. Baby C rolled over two times in a row yesterday!!! :) And I got it on video camera the 2nd time, so I will be posting it on here soon!!!


Love ~ Aimes

1 comment:

  1. wellllll #2 is true so i'm gonna guess the bungee jumping?