Friday, March 24, 2017

January 2017

Y'all! I'm trying my best to keep up with all of my blog posts, but I'm getting behind. I will have to explain why later!!!!!

But here is our January in pictures!

Dress-up Tea party

Helping Mommy get ready in the morning

This little diva loves to play music, put on pretend make-up, and do her hair at her vanity.

GJ has one big imagination! She loves to drink "coffee" (which is just her water in a coffee mug). We are always pretending at our house!

The kids got to meet their baby cousin, Ray, for the first time! We finally got over being sick and they were so excited to hold him, feed him, watch him, and snuggle him!

GJ repping our "Marie Monogram" shirt from the shop. She LOVES kitties, but poor thing will never be able to have one until she moves out of our house haha!

A little Dairy Queen snack before church!

 Goofy child!

Gracie June got an animal sticker book and now we have these pictures all over our house!

 Caycen had his 100th Day of school and they dressed as 100 dalmations.

They also counted out 100 of an item and brought it in to share. Caycen did Fruit Loops.

Chance and I went on a date night to The Pink House for the first time. It was yummy!

 Girl's day at the movies!

Birthday party at Get Air for our neighbor Dylan. It was our first time going and it was so much fun!

I need to take more pictures!!!! But life is crazy for us right now! I promise I'll explain VERY soon!!! GOD IS SO GREAT!

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