Monday, February 13, 2017

December Part 2

The 2nd half of our December was eventful. 

Gracie June had her VERY FIRST EVER class performance! They did the story of Christmas and sang Christmas songs. Gracie June was a donkey in the performance and the cutest donkey I've ever seen.

We went to visit our family in Warner Robins to celebrate Christmas with them. It's always so much fun to see my kids playing with their cousins!

We went to visit Santa Claus!

I got to attend Caycen's class Christmas party. They sang Christmas carols and had a sweet snack.

Caycen's decorated Gingerbread man got put on the top of their class "Santa" tree! So cute!

We went to see the lights at Botanical Gardens again this year.

When we got home that night, Santa Claus was coming through our neighborhood with the fire department.

Christmas Eve service was great as usual.

But after the service, Caycen and I were both running a fever. This was the start of a sick couple of weeks for our family!!!

We still made cookies for Santa… and a few for ourselves!

Getting ready for Santa to come! With our tiny little tree :)

The kids opened a few gifts on before we went off to bed.

We put the cookies out and were ready for Santa to come!

Christmas morning!!!

I had the flu on Christmas, so I ended up staying at home. But the kids and Chance all went to do Christmas with Nona and Papa Ray. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of them at their house since I wasn't there.

This Christmas was VERY different from the previous years, being in a rental and, getting sick, and not doing some of our normal Christmas traditions. BUT it was still just as a special and we are more blessed than ever! Most importantly, we got to celebrate the birth of our Savior with friends and family.

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