Friday, March 24, 2017

February 2017

Hey there! Here is our February in pictures:

Gracie June and I have loved to match lately! She is so stinkin' cute! 

This girl is OBSESSED with Barbies!

Chance went and ate lunch with Caycen at school for the first time. Caycen LOVED it!

They had career day at Caycen's school and got to check out several different careers.

The kids took pictures with Baby Ray.

I'm telling you, my kids LOVE these cats at Nona's house.

 This sweet girl, Taylor (a former student of mine) got Baptized!!!! I'm so proud of the little lady that she's becoming.

My goofy husband always knows how to make me smile!

The big kids, pushed the little kids on the swings.

Gracie June is so funny! She will run out of church and run the the little lake and say "take my picture".

They love their Nona and Papa Ray!

The kids had fun with these Valentine boxes for Valentine's day! Although, Caycen's was missing some parts from his bag and we were so upset!

 We put teacher names on these cute little chalkboards for their teachers for Valentine's Day!

Gracie June painted my fingernails!!! EEEEEEEK!!!!

We went to a fun birthday party for Dawn. Gracie June loved it!

Gracie June has started dipping her zebra cakes in milk. She says its soooo good!

Caycen has started riding his bike without training wheels! Now he wants to ride ALL THE TIME!

Birthday party for Alivia!

Me and My bestie after church.

Caycen started baseball and is so excited!

That wraps up our February! And I think I'm caught up on the blog! At least for a few more days!

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