Sunday, November 13, 2016

September 2016

September has come and gone, but it was a lot of fun for our little family! Here was our month in pictures:

Well, we've officially hit the TERRIBLE THREES!!! Gracie June gets a behavior sheet every day and she came home with her first straight face... EEEK!!!! So when she got home that day, all she wanted to draw were straight faces!!!!

But she's still my little princess! She LOVES her fairy wings! What a great DOLLAR TREE buy!

These kids LOVE playing in puddles... and after this I had to take GJ to get some rainboots!

 Gracie June decided to color on the walls in our rental... so we made her clean it up with a magic eraser. Good thing she loves to help! Caycen even got in on the fun!

 Palmer turned 1 and had a Nautical themed birthday party. Aren't these little sailor hats the cutest???

 Caycen started soccer and it's been so much fun this season! They named their team the "Green Tiger Monsters". It's hilarious!

The little sisters have become great friends after all these practices and games!

Caycen LOVES playing soccer!

And he loves getting to play on a team with his best friend Ella Kate!

We took a trip to Lovin' Spoons to celebrate happy faces for a week!

I need to be better about taking pictures! I feel like since we've been back at work, I haven't been taking as much. I WILL DO BETTER! Love these kiddos more than anything!!!

God has truly blessed our family! I can't wait to tell you all about some of the big things coming up in our lives! I just can't believe how amazing our GOD is!!!

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