Sunday, November 13, 2016

October 2016

October is always such a fun month! No the weather isn't really changing much YET down here in GA, but there's definitely a lot to do and a lot to celebrate for us.

One thing that I'm LOVING about my life right now is how much my kids LOVE their church. I get asked at least 6 out of 7 days of the week if it is Sunday or Wednesday so we can go to church. Caycen literally WHINES because we have to go to school before we go to church on Wednesdays. I tried explaining to him that church is not open at 7:00 in the morning and that nobody will be there… but he continues to WHINE anyway… one day he'll get it I guess. 

We got to celebrate Nona's birthday in their new house! It's absolutely beautiful!!!

We had to evacuate because of the hurricane, which meant we got to celebrate Nana's birthday with her and play with some cousins.

We spent some time with Pop and Nanny Cheryl. And the kids love the miniature horse next door!

 We even got to take a trip to the GA National Fair. This was so special to me because I grew up going every single year. This was Chance's first time and the kids' first time experiencing a REAL fair! haha! We were so happy that Grandma, Aunt Lynn, Taylor and Ashley all joined us in the fun!

After the hurricane we put the kids to work… they picked up sticks and even helped cut the grass!

The kids love to help me bake brownies! We have mastered getting all of the egg shells out!!!

Too cute with her two buns!

GJ started gymnastics last month and LOVES LOVES LOVES her new leotard!!!

GJ somehow got some homemade cupcakes from the volunteer room at church… those people just love her!

We found the perfect hat for Caycen!

We had a Ninja Turtles movie night with the kids and they pulled out all their Ninja turtle moves for us!

 GJ had a fall festival and did trick-or-treating at school and Caycen had super hero day for red ribbon week. They had a blast!

We went to Ottawa Farms and had a lot of fun! The kids went down the huge slide about a billion times!

For Halloween, we went trick-or-treating over at Amanda's house again this year. We had so much fun!!!

That ended our month with LOTS AND LOTS of candy to feast on until Valentine's Day!!!!

Now if only time would slow down!!! My babies are growing so fast! I'm enjoying every single minute of being their mama!!!

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