Saturday, September 24, 2016

August 2016

August started off with me going back to work… only this year, I've started in a new county, at a new school, in a new grade (3rd instead of 2nd). 

Not only did I move jobs, but we sold our house and are renting now, so the kids also started at new schools. It was kind of a lot at one time, but we managed.

This dude got to spend a lot of time with Daddy before he started school.

 My new classroom.

Me and my bestie, Amanda, started in the same county but at different schools after working side by side for 6 years!

 New co-workers

Caycen spending more time with his Deddy!

We got to see some animals and some cool jobs outside of Publix.

GJ takes the funniest pictures!

My babies started school. GJ is in Preschool 3 year old class and Caycen started Kindergarten! AHHH!!!

Caycen with his teacher on the first day of school

After a long first day, our administrators gave everyone watermelon at the front of the school and all of the teacher kids got to eat too!

Spending some time on the weekend at the mall.

What I would do all day every day if I had the choice!!!!

Caycen hurt his neck on a blow up water slide at his friend's birthday party. It was a sad week!!!

GJ has the cutest crafts at church!

Went to our first Wildcat Football game!

Gracie June started gymnastics and loves it!!!!

Caycen started his soccer season and begs to go to practice EVERY DAY!!!

So we go and practice all the time :)

And Gracie June practices her cheerleading stunts :)

August was an exhausting but fun month for the Darleys! We can't wait to start getting into a normal routine.

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