Friday, July 22, 2016

Letter to 3 Year Old Gracie June

Dear Gracie June,
I am writing because today is your 3rd birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS! I can't believe that it's been three years since the first day I held you in my arms. I still remember that moment like it was yesterday, with your sweet little puckered up lips and those chunky little cheeks.

You are now 3 and one spunky little girl!!! Though you're little, you have a HUGE personality, that everyone you meet loves and adores. You NEVER meet a stranger {it actually kinda scares me a little!} Everyone that gets to be around you says you're the sweetest, most laid back, little girl they've ever met. I completely agree!

Here are some of your favorites right now:
Your favorite color most days is purple, but sometimes you say pink.

You love to eat chicken nuggets with LOTS of ketchup {you must get that from your Daddy}, popsicles {purple}, gummies, and pasta {now that you get from your Mommy}!

Your favorite tv shows to watch are PJ Masks, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, and Paw Patrol.

Your favorite movie is definitely The Little Mermaid.

Your favorite song is "Part of Your World"… you sing it NONSTOP!!! And we LOVE it!

Your favorite thing to play inside is barbies or babies.

Your favorite thing to do outside is ride in your brother's truck or go swimming. You usually ride with Caycen in the truck, but you will TRY to drive it yourself!


You LOVE playing cars with Caycen or really anything that Caycen wants you to do with him.

You love to read books, cuddle, and even say your prayers.

Another favorite thing of yours is to learn! You love doing your Letter flashcards. You know all the letters in the alphabet, but you get confused with V and Z sometimes. You can count to 13. You know all of your colors. You like trying to do your brother's sight words too.

Some firsts from this year:
You went to a new daycare in the 2 year old class.

You rode your first horse at Ella Kate's birthday party.

 You learned to ride a scooter.

You got your first pedicure and manicure.

You went to your first Tybee St. Patrick's Day Parade.

You had your first Daddy/Daughter dance.

You "Played" Putt Putt for the first time.

You took dance for the first time and had your first dance recital.

You went to Disney on Ice for the first time.

 You went to your first "Shrimp Festival" and rode some rides and even ate your first funnel cake :)

 You were potty trained this year! HALLELUJAH! You were stubborn, but you finally got it down!

You went on your first Disney trip, which was soooo much fun for me to watch your sweet little face light up at everything!

You had your first haircut ever and we did it at Magic Kingdom at Harmony Barber Shop.

This past year has been so much fun with you. You make every single day magical for us. You can make me smile no matter how bad a day I might be having. I love our morning snuggle sessions, your sweet hugs and kisses, and your contagious little smile. I don't know why God blessed me so much, but you are one of my biggest blessings sweet girl! I pray that you will always stay sweet and that you will let God use you, because I know that you will do great things! I love you to the moon and back baby girl!


Oh this face just kills us!!! That's your growling face haha!

 These last few pictures were just a few days after you turned two and we were at Amelia Island. This year, we are at Amelia Island on your birthday, so I thought these were the perfect ending to this post. The last is one of my favorites! It's a perfect painting for me that God is truly using me every single day, by letting me be your mommy and letting me teach you and guide you to know Him and His love.

 You will move mountains baby girl!!!!

I love you GJ and Happy 3rd birthday!!!!!

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