Thursday, July 21, 2016

June 2016

June and July are my most favorite months of the year! My favorite season is Summer and I get to be home with my babies!!! We got to the pool at least 3 or 4 days a week (sometimes more!) and we get to just have fun together! I cherish every single moment at home with my kiddos!

Here is our June in pictures:

flood in the neighborhood

GJ got her big girl bed!

We're always lovin' the boat with Nona and Papa Ray!

Dinner with sweet friends!

New toys

Mall fun

Wedding weekend at Lake Blackshear 

GJ loves some milk!

Birthday donuts for my buddy's 5th birthday!

And we took a trip to Splash in the Boro' for some birthday fun!

I started my business on Etsy after planning this 2 years ago! I finally decided to jump in!

We made Daddy some father's day gifts.

More swimmin', since that's pretty much what we do ALL.SUMMER.LONG!!!

Funny kids!

And they will hate me for this one day.

Gracie June, rockin' her one of a kind "Gracie June" dictionary shirt!

Fun with old friends

My little piggy

More poses

And the sweetest little cuddle bugs, I ever did see!

Have I ever told you all that summer is my favorite time of the year!?!?! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!

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