Thursday, June 9, 2016

May 2016 {lots of pictures & VIDEOS}

 Our May was PACKED with excitement!!! I figured out that I can add my pictures from my phone to google+, then upload them to YouTube. It makes it a lot easier to post videos on here… so that means there might be some VIDEO OVERLOAD from now on! Sorry in advance.

We started off the month by taking family pictures (which I posted about here with all of the great pictures that Jerina Boylston took for us). We did our pictures out on the beach at Tybee and I was SO unprepared. I forgot a change of clothes and towels! Of course my kids got in the water with their NICE clothes on and got SOAKED and I had nothing to dry them off with or to get the sand off with. So they went back home in their underwear!

We went on a trip to Disney, which was Gracie June's first trip! I will do a whole separate post on our Disney trip. Let's just say it was MAGICAL!!!!

Before we left, Caycen had to write a sweet note to his Nona to tell him all about his trip. Of course, I wrote the words VER BATUM and he wrote Nona's name and his own name.

We love spending time with Nona and Papa Ray! We drove straight to their house from Disney World to celebrate Mother's Day.

Papa Ray loves that they will pick up those MUD BUGS.

 We have so much fun with the neighbors!

Gracie June had her dance recital and was just TOO precious!!!!

Here is her dress rehearsal performance. It was TOO cute!

Night of the recital, Caycen hung out with Aunt Sissy, and Chance and I got to enjoy baby girl's performance with a cold drink.

Oh the beach life is too much fun!

 I think we need to send GJ to flowers anonymous! She is OBSESSED!!!!

Caycen had his last day of Pre-K

We taught the kids how to play musical chairs. They LOVE this game!

GJ still hasn't figured out the regular door.

They are some popsicle loving fools!

 Caycen had his last T-Ball game and T-Ball pictures made. I would say his first baseball season was a success!

Caycen and his "Ninja Turtle Moves" and GJ does hers too.

GJ singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

Caycen wanted to show us how to ride a shooter.

Caycen went fishing with Papa Ray and Nona and caught "eleven" fish, he said! He had a blast!!!

While they were fish in', Aunt Sissy, GJ, and I went shopping at the outlets. GJ had a blast picking out earrings, skits, dresses, bathing suits, and lots of accessories.

GJ has been spoiled this month with lots of new bathing suits! We decided that while Bubba was fishin', we would meet Daddy down at St. Simon's Island to do the beach since it was storming here in Savannah.

Our first pool day of the season was a blast!

 And it took about 5 seconds for the kids to fall asleep in the car!

The last day of May was spent at Ella Kate and Amanda's pool. We ate pizza and played for HOURS!!!! It was so much fun!

That's about it for our May. We are so glad to be on summer vacation! This is my favorite time of the year!!!!

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