Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Letter to 5 Year Old Caycen

Dear Caycen,
     I can't believe that 5 years ago today, I received one of the most amazing blessings in my entire life! You made me a mommy and you were, and always will be, my perfect little boy. We have had so much fun these last 5 years!

This past year you has been a blast!

Here are some of the "firsts" that you experienced this year:

You had your first visit to the dentist and you loved it!

You started swimming all by yourself in the deep end of the pool, thank to the help of swim lessons and Uncle Boppy!

You started real school!

You saved your money for the first time and went to the dollar tree to spend it. You even handed the cashier your money from your wallet.

You cooked brownies with Daddy.

You went to your first "fair" and you loved playing the squirting game.

 You learned to go all the way across the monkey bars.

You had your first school field trip to Madrac Farms. Nona took you and you loved having her there!

 You'll probably kill me for this one day, but you started wearing boxer briefs instead of tighty whiteys!

You got your first "BLAZERS" jersey!

You went to your first Tybee St. Patrick's Day parade.

You went huntin' for the first time with Papa Ray and Daddy. You saw some hens but no gobblers.

You learned to ride your scooter and it's probably your FAVORITE outside activity to do.

You painted a horse! I mean, how many people get to do that?

We found out you are allergic to amoxicillan… yikes! That was crazy!

You played on your first t-ball team. You were one of the best players on the team. You are fast, you hit the ball hard, and you're not afraid to go after the ball. Now we need to teach you what it means to be a "team player" haha.

Here are some of your favorites right now:

Favorite food: breakfast - donuts (when you get them), lunch - chick-fil-a sandwich, dinner - chicken nuggets or pizza
Favorite color: orange
Favorite movie: probably "The Lion King" or "The Incredibles"
Favorite tv show: "Ninja Turtles", "PJ Masks", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"
Favorite thing to do at home: play outside with Daddy (baseball, riding the scooter, riding your bike, driving your sister in your truck)
Best friend: Ella Kate, Mason, and Austin
Favorite dessert: Frozen Yogurt with toppings

You are such a smart little boy and you impress us every single day with how smart you are. You have started to learn some math facts (you know your doubles through 10) and you can do some adding in your head. You know lots of sight words and are even reading most of the words in your "Pete the Cat" books.

You are a huge goofball too! You always know how to make us laugh!!!

You're sweet SOME of the time!!! You have such a sweet love for your little sister and sometimes you're the ONLY one that will make her feel better. You love animals and you love to make people happy. You have said some of the sweetest things about others that you don't even know. I know Jesus is working on that little heart of yours!

You're super strong and even a little rough. We have to tell you to stop being rough with your sister at least 5 times a day! Hopefully you'll get better with that soon.

You are all boy and have tons of energy! You definitely keep us on our toes. Thank you for always making me so happy and for filling my heart with joy! I am so HONORED and BLESSED to be your mommy!!!! I love you more than the stars in the sky. I pray we get to celebrate a bazillion more birthdays!

I love you sweet boy,

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