Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gender Reveal for Baby Darley #2

We had a very hard time deciding how we wanted to find out the gender of our 2nd baby. We thought about doing TONS of different things.

I finally decided I wanted to be funny and do a little "war" theme. I had planned on water balloons, but then my genius husband came up with the idea to do water guns instead.

Our appointment was at 9:45 on March 1st, and I was 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant. After our appointment, we went and loaded up on our guns that we needed, we ate lunch, then ran a few more errands.

When we got home, Chance spray painted the little guns black for the guests to use.

At around 5:30, my friend Amanda came over, looked in the envelope to see what we were having {nope we didn't take a peak ALL day long}, and then she took the guns upstairs, mixed the paint with water, and filled all the guest guns and our guns with the color for the gender of our baby.

We walked outside and she brought out the guns. The guests chose a gun from the pink or blue bucket depending on which gender they thought it was. Chance and I got our big guns and on the count of 3 it was WAR!

Our guests shot us and Chance and I shot each other. Everyone's guns shot out the color PINK!!!

looking at a picture of Caycen's baby sister :)

Looks like we are having a little girl this time!

Caycen's going to have a...

We are beyond blessed! 



  1. That is the cutest gender reveal! CONGRATS!

  2. What kind of dye did yall use in the water... my husband and I came up with the same idea and I can't decide how to dye the water

    1. We actually just mixed acrylic paint and water :)