Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bye Bye Passy!!!

Just thought I would share how we got rid of the Passy with Caycen.

Caycen has been using his Passy just to sleep during the night since about a year old. When Caycen was a little over 19 months (this was about a month ago), we decided that we really needed to get rid of the Passy, even if he was only using it at night. {I have heard horror stories about what a Passy can do to their teeth and mouth}

So I started looking at ways to get rid g the Passy on pinterest. I saw one that really didn't cross my mind because it was just too simple; just take it away cold turkey! WHAT!?! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

So one night we didn't give him the Passy, and right before we put Caycen in the bed he actually said "Passy", like he was asking for it. But we just ignored him, put him in the bed, and he didn't ask for it again! Too simple right???? Well it's true!!!! Since that night, he hasn't slept with a Passy and we are so relieved that all we had to do was take it away. I think he was just the perfect age to take it away too (or earlier). I think if we would have waited too much longer it would have been a lot harder to get rid of.

Another reason Mommy and Daddy were excited to get rid of the Passy is the fact that we had to search for it every morning because Caycen always threw it out of the bed! Some days it took us like 5 or 10 minutes to find that stupid thing! We only kept two passies too an every now and then had to use the backup. So needless to say, the Passy was a pain to us anyway.

RIP good old' Passy! We won't miss you very much :)

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  1. That's fantastic! We took our daughter's away at a year. We gave her about a week maybe two of having it just at night and then took it away completely and she was fine. I felt we were very lucky that it was so easy. I'm glad it was that easy for you too!