Monday, February 18, 2013

Petting Zoo

We decided to use mommy's day off {MLK Day} to go to the Petting Zoo in Hilton Head. It takes about an hour to get there from our house.  Our good friends, Julie and Noah, went with us, and we tagged along with a whole group of other mommies and their kiddos. Noah and Caycen were definitely the youngest of the bunch.

We decided to ride with Julie and Noah, which was super fun. Caycen fell asleep on the way there, but Noah had a blast just knowing that Caycen was in the back seat with him. It was funny to watch Noah so giggly.

When we got there we let the boys just run and look at the animals {And us two prego mamas were running around trying to keep up with these toddlers!}.  Here are some pictures of their little adventure:

this horse absolutely LOVED Caycen!!! I think he smelled the food on Caycen's little fingers. He kept rubbing his nose all over Caycen's face.


there was a pet deer running around, which was the only loose animal

not really sure what this is, looks like a pig pen to me


We only made it about 45 minutes before the boys were getting bored with the animals and they decided that the water fountain was more interesting :)

And of course they had to ride a horsey before they left {since we wouldn't let them ride the real pony}.

When we left we stopped and ate at Wendy's, then headed back home. I couldn't believe that neither of the boys fell asleep on the way back because they were EXHAUSTED!

It was a fun day!!!

Until next time,

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