Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Long Weekend!

This post is on our weekend two weeks ago, which was SO.STINKIN.BUSY. but it was also SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!
We started out the weekend on Friday night just hanging out at our house and resting from a long week…
Then it was Saturday morning, which meant I was running the Pride of Pooler 5k with some of the other teachers I work with. Chance and Baby C came to cheer me on. This was my first 5k after having Baby C, which means I was way more out of shape than all of the other races that I’ve run before. My fastest 5k that I’ve done, which was before Baby C, I did it in 23 minutes and 32 seconds (only because I was running with my friend Lindsey who is really tall and has a SUPER long stride!)… this race I finished in 32 minutes and 39 seconds. I was a little disappointed with the time, but whatever, it was all for fun. And of course, Baby C was asleep in the stroller by the time I finished :)
After the race, Me, Baby C, and Melissa all went to Target, the best shop in the whole world, and got Melissa all set up on her baby registry. It was so much fun!!! She’s having a girl, so of course, we registered for some froo froo girly stuff :)

That afternoon, we went to see Chance play in the alumni football game, Savannah Christian vs Benedictine. Caycen had a BLAST! He loved it when the other kids would come up and talk to him or run by him. Savannah Christian lost, but Chance did a great job (not to mention he was HOT in that football uniform Winking smile). Caycen was so tired after the game, he fell asleep while we were waiting on Chance to come out of the locker room.

the team with all of their kids

The next day was Ella Kate’s 1st birthday party. It was a Candy Land themed birthday party. They went all out! Amanda did such a good job with every little detail. Ella Kate was so pretty in her little cupcake dress too. Caycen got Ella Kate a pretty little blue bathing suit, with a blue cover-up, and blue sunglasses. She’s gonna look so cute in it this summer! All of the kids got to play on this little roller coaster toy that they had in the backyard, but Caycen was still too small on it, so we let him get in the bouncy house that they rented. He absolutely LOVED it! He loved it SO much that when we took him out he started to cry!!! That kid hardly ever cries, so you know he LOVED it! He was exhausted by the time we got ready to leave. Ella Kate gave out Candy Land games for their party favors, which I’m sure Caycen will play tons when he gets older.
Ella Kate’s Candy Land
Favors table
Not bragging or anything, but I made the favor tags :)
Guest book table (love the photo book for the guests to sign!!!)
Smash Cake!
Cupcake table
All of the lolipops have Ella Kate’s pictures on them for each month
Gingerbread man photo booth
Ella Kate in the photo booth
Caycen in the photo booth
What a great weekend it was! Now I’m looking forward to my SPRING BREAK!!!!! WOOHOO! Hope everyone has a happy EASTER!

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